The Faculty of Business and Economics is a leading business school with attractive business education and an acclaimed research institution recognised both at national and international level.


The Faculty of Business and Economics fosters a supporting and interactive environment by appreciating diversity and an open mind-set. By raising ethical awareness and providing practice-oriented education the school prepares students to the dynamically changing business environment. Offering high level intellectual contribution, by quality driven education, research and related services, the school aims to contribute to the sustainable economic development, social welfare and to improve the competitiveness.

Guiding Principles

Democratic operation
The operation of the Faculty is characterised by decision-making based on the free exchange of ideas and Faculty staff involvement.

Exemplary behaviour
Faculty staff demonstrate exemplary demeanour with ethical behaviour and working to the full potential of their knowledge and competencies.

The Faculty is flexible in responding to the changing circumstances.

Continuous development
The Faculty endeavours continuous development by adapting to the dynamically changing business environment and innovation.


Supportive attitude
The Faculty’s supportive attitude fosters an appropriate working environment to ensure effective working and learning.

The Faculty respects and accepts the diversity of their staff, students and partners.

Team work
The Faculty believes team work is more successful than the sum of the members’ individual achievements.

Collaboration with local, national and international communities
The Faculty fosters collaboration with local, national and international stakeholders.

Sustainability, corporate social responsibility
The Faculty emphasises environmental, economic and social sustainability and with its activities takes its share from CSR.

Initiative role
The Faculty takes an initiative role based on proactivity and innovation.

The Faculty strives for excellence in all its dealings.