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Turkish Night

Within the International Week the Faculty of Economics presenting…………………

International Week török [1]During the programme Asst. Prof. Dr. Osman Nuri Özdogan in presentation of the Adnan Menderes University School of Tourism and Hotel Management will tell stories about Turkey -its culture, religion and tourism.

Date: 23. September, 2009
Time: from 18:00
Place: Central Dormitory

18:00 opening – tales and pictures
19:00 Asst. Prof. Dr. Osman Nuri Özdogan’s presentation about Turkey
21:00 “Jó Hangulat Klub” dance show
21:30 Turkish Quiz
22:00 Belly Dance performance by Szabina Nyírő – professional Belly Dance teacher
22:30 Erasmus students from Turkey -How to dance traditional Turkish dance…?

Join in this magical nigth free….