Landeskunde der DACH / Länder aus touristicher Perspektive – available as an optional subject in the Fall 2019 semester (You will find it with the code VEGTTUB512O on the NEPTUN system).

Prerequisite is that you have at least an Intermediate German language exam!

Important things to know:

Dr. Judit SULYOK

Phone number: (88) 624-000/3917

Room: A/112



The aim of the course is to introduce the tourism and economy, and the current issues related to these fields in the German speaking countries.


Fields of study:

– Introduction of the German speaking countries – population, geographical features, economy and its characteristics. The political system of the countries and their national symbols.
– The environmental, social and economic impacts of tourism (climate change, environmentally friendly transport, overconsumption)
– The role of NGOs in the society and in tourism. The most important organizations and activities (for example: Greenpeace, green movements)
– Economic migration: the role of immigrants in the tourism industry of the German speaking countries, and its restrictions.
– The most famous German products, brands and companies in tourism and other businesses which are known and available in Hungary as well.
– The most important cities, attractions and sights in the German speaking countries.
– Leisure activities and travelling habits of the inhabitants in the German speaking countries
– Cultural life, events in the German speaking countries.
– Traditional meals, typical ingredients and dishes in the German speaking countries. Eating habits. The impact of lifestyle changes on modern cuisine.


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