Master Lecturer
Building “A” 1st floor Room 129
Phone: + 36 88 624-953

Tamás Attila KIGYÓS
  • Psychology
  • Industrial And Organizational Psychology
  • Pentor Career Management
  • Business Aspects Of Responsibility
  • Team Building (training)
  • Self-knowledge (training)
  • Project Management
  • The Practice of Problem-Solving II.
  • Internship II.
  • Counselling psychologist
  • HR consultant
  • Psychology teacher
  • Advanced English
  • Basic German
  • Organizational climate and culture
  • Higher education development
  • Learning
  • Over 30 different international and local projects (EFOP, HEFOP, TÁMOP, ERASMUS+, GOP, etc.)
  • Member of the Hungarian Psychological Association
  • By prior appointment

    Dear Students,

    for any request, please use my office email listed here (I don’t read message requests on facebook, etc.). Please state the name and code of the subject in question, your full name and neptun code and your question / problem as well. This will make life easier.

    I am NOT available for PhD supervision! For international scholarship issues, please contact our Centre for Communications at