13_GTK_kiadvany_061János Harsányi Scientific Student Hostel

The János Harsányi Scientific Student Hostel opened in September 2010 for talented students of the Faculty of Business and Economics. The members are students who are eager to develop professionally through extracurricular activities. Each month acknowledged professors and business practitioners are invited to hold lectures, trainings and workshops for those in the “Harsányi”. Besides, all student members carry out a research with the mentoring of experienced professors. The most talented students are offered to present their papers at the János Harsányi Economic and Management Conference. With the experiences gained at the János Harsányi Scientific Student Hostel students steadily pace toward a career development in business and in science.

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13_OTDKpentek_021TDK – Scientific Students Research Projects

The aim of the Scientific Student Research Projects carried out in the faculty is to provide students with help to get professional and scientific knowledge beyond the syllabus. The students carry out the research in order to get acquainted with a scientific area in more depth. Their work is supported by the university lecturers’ guidance. The students summarise the results of their research in essays, scientific publications and presenting them at professional conferences.

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13_GTK_kiadvany_042Case Study Club

The Case Study Club aims to provide students opportunity to analyse various business cases and solve certain issues that companies face. The Case Study Club was established with the aim of providing students opportunity to analyse various business cases and solve certain issues that companies face. While another objective is to form a student base which can represent the Faculty of Business and Economics in case study competitions. The club integrates students from Veszprém and from the Nagykanizsa Campus using on-line tools, by so doing strengthening the knowledge transfer between the two campuses.



BusinessLab is a network of workshops in five cities and seven universities in Hungary. BusinessLab is the meeting point of talent, innovation and business. Students and their mentors engage in various projects initiated by companies. The programme provides opportunity for talented students to blossom, to realize their ideas and get in touch with business life.

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logoHungarian Economic Association Youth Committee

The Hungarian Economic Association Youth Committee is open to anyone involved or interested in business and economics. The Committee is to help members to improve skills and competencies which are essential for a successful career. It organises workshops, lectures with acknowledged presenters from business life, trainings and other high quality professional events. Being a member offers a wonderful opportunity for developing a closer connection with operating companies as well as with the scientific life in business and economics.