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Attend the International Week and WIN!


World Travellers’ Club- Tanzanian Safari

tanzanian safariIn Swahili “safari” means a journey.  So come and take a journey with us to Tanzania to see the animals and scenery of the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater and three other national parks of the north.

The most important part of a safari is to see the African Big Five:  lions, leopards, rhinoceros, buffalo and elephants.  But there are plenty of other animals and birds, plants, lakes, streams, mountains and grass to open your eyes and ears to the stories they have to tell.  And it is their story: you – the human being – are just an observer, someone trying to patch together the tales you see into the fabrics that make up the circle of life.

Come and enjoy the sights, see if you can find the animals in the scenery and come up with some stories of your own.

Presented by Candy Fresacher

7 pm, October 10, 2012

World Travellers’ Club

Central Dorm (Központi Kollégium, Egyetem Street 10)

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World Travellers’ Club – Paris, Versailles

párizsA slide show by Péter Mód
24. November, 2009
Central Dormitory at 19:00

Come with us during an amazing „journey” to the city of love and lights.
Enjoy the culture, the arts, the flavour of the famous french cuisine.

Conquer the Eiffel-tower , march under the triumphal arch, explore with us the wonders of the medieval and modern architecture and visit the magnificent mansion and its huge garden of Lewis XIV.

Tasting of snail and hot wine…

Swashbucklers do not spare!

World Travellers’ Club – Namibia



A slide show by Dr.Candy Fresacher

07. October, 2009.
19:00 Diákcentrum (DC)

From its desert regions, to its animals, to its peoples, Namibia is a country of many shades of brown. The Namib and the Kalahari deserts make life in the south difficult. The sand dunes on one part of the coast– the highest in the world at Sousselvi – also make life difficult, not to mention the rest of the Skelton Coast where shipwrecks abound. Maybe that is why Namibia is the second least populated country in the world. But the land has a beauty and the country a simplicity that make it extraordinary. Said to be the “Africa for beginners” this peaceful country has a good infrastructure and that makes it a place where the individual can travel alone or as a group. Join me to see its sites and animals and learn more about why this country is not just about simple blacks and whites.

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