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University of Pannonia
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College Week Live – International Students Day


Join the world’s biggest international virtual college fairs, hosted by the U.S.
State Department. This is your chance to find out if attending a U.S. university is right for you, and to get expert advice on succeeding in this goal.
This free online event provides everything you need to know about studying in the U.S., so login anytime from 5:00 to 19:00 EST on Wednesday, November 13, 2013.

Click here for further deatils on College Week Live – International Students Day

A summer with CCUSA

IMG_5403Probably all of you have heard something about the programmes offering summer jobs in the United States. Some of you may have already participated and the rest of you definitely should try.
When you decide to work at an American summer camp you never know what to expect before you get there. One thing is sure though: you will get much more than a summer job at a camp…
24 hours with the kids and camp life make you a different person. A person who never sleeps enough, who run into raccoons in the middle of the night outside the cabin or maybe who finds some squirrels next to her bed eating her food. Perhaps you will be belaying 50 people a day on ropes and get tired during cheering at a camp event or game. But what is more important, you will be a person being appreciated by the kids and while you teach them you can also learn a lot about yourself – kids, connections, people…
My camp was in the beautiful, small state of New Hampshire and I got 9 amazing weeks full of sweet memories about day and night offs and camp events shared with my friends. Some to mention are camp dances, the pleasure of the rest hour, defining the difference between camp food and real American food – because there is! I had a chance to meet and become friends with people who I would never have met any other way. I heard different points of view than mine and learned how to work in a team … and much more.
When I left the camp I was free to travel and there was no way I could miss that! There are many awesome places to see. I have been to Boston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, New York …Where ever I went I was impressed by the openness and acceptance I saw.
When you apply a summer like that, you apply for a summer of a lifetime. I cannot say a thing about why you should not go. But before you go, just make sure your attitude is right… Most of the time even bad situations can become good memories if we make them.
All in all, I have learned and gained things that cannot be taught at schools. I think the best thing in travelling is when you meet yourself and see how far you can push out your own limits and improve your skills. That is such a wonderful thing it is certainly worth investing in.

Anett Zsoldos

World Travellers’ Club

CC-2.0-by-Haukur H.

CC-2.0-by-Haukur H.

Meet Mika Kylänen
on theWorld Travellers’ Club

on 26th October at 7 pm

in the Central Hostel (Központi Kollégium, Egyetem str. 12.)

What makes Finland special?

What is the first thing that comes to mind about Finland? Snowy winters, pleasantly warm summers, colourful springs and autumns? Lots of trees and an endless carpet of forest with lakes in between? A breath of fresh air? The endless days of summer? The cool winters and the other cool things like Finlandia, berries and reindeers and Jolopukki?
A safe country with well-developed infrastructure, good service and high technology?
Space? Peace? Quiet? Time?

It could be any of these but you may still be wondering what Finland is really like. Who are these Finns and what are they like? How do they live and what are they interested in?

Come and see for yourself!

Bring your mug and be our guest for a drink!

The presentation will be broadcasted on-line:

Ronald Reagen and Democtratic Change

reagan100Deputy Chief of Mission Timothy A. Betts is visiting Veszprém on Thursday May 5, 2011 to deliver remarks on occasion of the Ronald Reagan Centennial.

You are cordially invited to attend his talk, the title of which is Ronald Reagan and Democratic Change.
Time: 11.00-12.00 Thursday, May 5, 2011
Venue: Kisfaludy Room, Eötvös Károly County Library and Cultural Institute
Veszprém, Komakút tér 3.
The language of the talk is English.
Please inform the American Corner about your intention to participate in the program individually or in a group not later than May 3, 2011.

Faculty’s delegation at the ITB Berlin

Berlin_2011_csoportEight Faculty members of the Tourism Department took part in the 3-days-long very informative and inspiring Convention days of ITB Berlin in March. The ITB, the world’s largest tourism trade fair lasted 5 days in Berlin and attracted guests from all over the world. Over 11,000 exhibitors from 188 countries were eager to offer their services by helping consumers to find the best lodging, plan personal destination trips and take advantage of a variety of tours and activities. About 170,000 visitors attended the fair this year. The visitors were offered the opportunity to learn about current travel trends of the travel industry.  This year’s main topics were sustainability, innovation, eco-mobility, social responsibility and new opportunities in social media in connection with tourism. Our small group divided itself in order to be present at most of the professional programmes and after arriving home we shared our experience with each other and with our colleagues who could not participate at the fair. For me, this program was a special experience, so I suggest all of you to take part in this unique event where “the top knowledge is free of charge.”

Summer School in Poland

summer school polandSummer School Poland is an intensive study and fun program organized at one of the top five universities in Poland.

This year’s theme is International Entrepreneurship – A Central European Perspective. The program lasts 2 weeks, from 2nd till 16th July 2011 and consists of a series of lectures, workshops led in english by professors of Wrocław University of Economics. You can earn 8 ECTS credits that may be counted towards your degree at your home institution. Apart from that, there are plenty of afternoon activities and a weekend trip to Cracow. If you have any questions visit the website:

International Afternoon- feedback

IMG_5673The International Afternoon was held on March 2, in aula B. Hundreds of students took part in the event and could gain infos about the international possibilities which were offered by different international organisations represented there such as AIESEC, BEST, VEMAFI and many others.

During the programs of the event we could enjoy a latin-american danceshow of the HEMO Winner VTE’s dancers, a dynamic Bailar-Zumba fitness performance, in addition we could get familiar with the Erasmus students who are studying at our University, we had a chance to taste  their national food and know more about their countries.

At the end of the the Pannon Universitas Band broadcasted the music.

The pictures of the International Afternoon can be checked at the Faculty’s facebook page.

International Afternoon, 2 March 11.15, B aula

nemzetközi du 2011 POSZTERThe Faculty of Economics organises the second International Afternoon, which aims to make students to get to know about the international life and possibilities.
At the event many organisations represent themselves like American Corner, VEMAFI, AIESEC, BEST and more…

Visitors can meet personally with Erasmus students who are studying at The University of Pannonia. Every student represent their country so we can get to know more about the culture of Poland, Germany, Turkey, Finland, Romania, Iran, Brazil and Italy. We can taste traditional food of these countries and travel to Canada with the help of the World Traveller’s Club at 19.00 in the Central Dormitory.

Face painting, Tombola, international food and experience are waiting for you at the International Afternoon, 2 March, 11-15 a.m. in aula B.

Your World, Your Future: Voices of a New Generation

Dear Students,

The U.S. holds the Presidency of the United Nations Security Council for the month of December and has spearheaded an exciting new initiative to involve youth worldwide in the work of the Council. In this context, the U.S. will chair a Security Council event on December 21 entitled “Your World, Your Future:  Voices of a New Generation.”

From now until December 14, the U.S. Mission to the United Nations (USUN) will be accepting answers to the question:

“What is the most vital challenge to international peace and security facing your generation?  Tell the UN Security Council about something you believe deserves more attention, and explain why it is important.”

Any person under the age of 21 and from anywhere in the world can submit their answers to that question in a one minute video, or in 250 words or less.  Full terms and conditions of the event can be found at

The Deputy Chief of Mission of the American Embassy’s visit in Veszprém

CC 2.0 by Kalypso Nikolaidis

CC 2.0 by Kalypso Nikolaidis

Timothy A. Betts, the new Deputy Chief of Mission of the American Embassy in Budapest is visiting Veszprém for the first time on Thursday, November 18, 2010.

All are cordially invited to attend his talk entitled “Tha NATO, EU and US Summits: Lisbon and Beyond” in the Foyer of Building B of the University of Pannonia starting at 11.00 am on Thursday, November 18.

More information about the DCM is available on the website of the Embassy:

Time: 11.00 am Thursday, November 18, 2010

Venue: Foyer of Building B, University of Pannonia

Veszprem, Egyetem u. 10.

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