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University of Pannonia
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Book recommendation for tourism students


Are you studying tourism and looking for literature to write your thesis? Do you find it difficult to pick the relevant articles? Would you like to have a comprehensive outlook on competitiveness in tourism?
The Department of Tourism recommends you the following books:

Exploring Co-creation edited by Alan Clarke

Tourism Competitivness by Alan Clarke

The books can be purchased in the University Bookshop or online.

Pannon Management Review

Pannon Management ReviewWelcome to the first issue of the Pannon Management Review.

Pannon Management Review contributes to bridging scholarly management research and management practitioner thinking worldwide. In particular, Pannon Management Review broadens the existing links between Hungarian scholars and practitioners, on the one hand, and the wider international academic and business communities, on the other – the journal acts as an overall Central and Eastern European catalyst for the dissemination of international thinking, both scholarly and managerial. To this end, the articles published in Pannon Management Review reflect the extensive variety of interests, backgrounds, and levels of experience and expertise of its contributors, both scholars and practitioners – and seek to balance academic rigour with practical relevance in addressing issues of current managerial interest. The journal also encourages the publication of articles outside the often narrow disciplinary constraints of traditional academic journals, and offers young scholars publication opportunities in a supportive, nurturing editorial environment.

Click here to read the Pannon Management Review

Newsletter May 2011

If you are interested in what happened at the Faculty in the last few month then do not miss the chance to take a look at our Newsletter. In this issue you can read about the Faculty’s International Afternoon, visiting professors, our international students and a lot more. So, do not hesitate and find the latest issue of the Faculty’s Newsletter here .
Have fun reading it! 🙂

Issuing the first Newsletter

NewsletterpWe are really excited to announce the first issue of our Newsletter from the Faculty of Economics. This first issue has been published with the aim of strengthening the international endeavours of the Faculty, as international relations have always played a very important role in the scientific, educational and cultural life of the University of Pannonia.
Enjoy reading this first issue which will give you a brief insight into the work we do and what is happening at the Faculty of Economics. We strongly believe that this Newsletter will be a driving force in the progress of the Faculty. By putting the focus on important events and interesting content in this Newsletter, we hope we can make all our present and future partners aware of what is happening and more involved in the international endeavours of the Faculty of Economics.


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