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University of Pannonia
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National Scientific Student Research Projects

otdt1The Economics section of the National Scientific Student Research Projects will be hosted by the Faculty of Business and Economics of University of Pannonia between the 18th and 20th of April 2013.

This is one of the most prestigious events organised for students studying economics from all over the country, where they can present the results of their researches. Participating in this conference is usually mentioned as the first step to be a successful expert in any economic field in the future.

The National Scientific Student Research Projects is held in every 2nd year in 16 different disciplines in different locations. The conference in this year already broke couple records: approximately 650 research projects are nominated which is the highest number during the history of the event. It also means that more than 760 students from 32 universities will arrive to Veszprém to present their research results.

For the Faculty the quality of the conference is the most important. Their goal is to give an unforgettable positive experience for the participants.

After the scientific part of the conference the students and professors can enjoy the offered cultural program. One of the special guests will be Csaba Vastag, the winner of the X-Factor Hungary in 2010 and the student of the Faculty, Péter Rozsnyói jazz pianist, the Caffé Bambini and the Pannon Universitas Band, which bands’ members are students of the university.

The Faculty offers a new opportunity this year: visitors can do sightseeing in the regular way or by using QR codes.

Summer School in Lithuania

We would like to bring your attention to the annual Transparency International Summer School on Integrity that will take place on 8-14 July in Vilnius, Lithuania (

Over the past four years the TI School on Integrity has become a go-to event for senior students and young professionals from all over the world. Selected participants get a chance to learn from leading anti-corruption experts and put their ideas in practice with the help of School competitive action grants.



America Week

america week

11-14 March 2013

Venue: University of Pannonia, Building “B”, Conference Center, 3rd Floor

For the detailed programme click on the picture.

For the detailed programme click on the picture.

My Pannon Experience

Poster by Peter Volf

Poster by Peter Volf

Hungary Training

Photo by Mónika Hidvégi

Photo by Mónika Hidvégi

On the 19th of September a new tradition has got started by the International Centre of the Faculty of Business and Economics and the International Student Relations Office – the first ‘Hungary Training’ for the international students in the university. The main idea of the presentation afternoon

was to give some information for the freshmen about Hungary, Veszprém and the university. They got useful information about the most important topics related to their studies such as the Neptun system or the Code of Studies and Exams in addition to the general information. Of course the leisure activ ities have been presented as well. Between the presentations some icebreaker games made cheer. At the end of the training all international students were given Hungarian names.

Photo by Mónika Hidvégi

Photo by Mónika Hidvégi

Jumped Into Statistics

Photo by Csaba Hegedűs

Photo by Csaba Hegedűs

The Faculty of Business and Economics jumped…. and bought the school license of JMP from SAS.

On the 4th October Dr. Volker Kraft, JMP Academic Ambassador from Germany, held a ‘Train-the-Trainer’ seminar introducing JMP statistical software (pronounced as ‘jump’) from SAS. The lecturers of the Faculty of Business and Economics got familiar with this new tool and learnt the basics, while were also provided with useful tips and tricks.

In 1989, the first version of JMP was developed for Macs in the USA by John Sall, co-founder and Executive VP of SAS Institute, who initially called the programme ‘John’s Macintosh Project’. As the software became more and more detailed and got easier and easier to use, SAS Marketing decided to keep the original abbreviation (JMP) which now refers to the feeling of a light jump (“idea of a lively product that jumped responsively to the user’s wishes”). According to Dr. Kraft the most significant competitive advantage of JMP is that it is easy to use and powerful at the same time. The software is not limited to statisticians; also less technical students can easily ‘jump’ into statistical discovery as the software is interactive and visual.

The Faculty of Business and Economics and SAS are planning to follow up this initial workshop with several joint projects, so Dr. Kraft will have the opportunity to come back and deliver more topic focused workshops in the future.

Photo Exhibition – Six Continents World Landscapes

Even the zebras are interested! Photo by Candy Fresacher

Even the zebras are interested! Photo by Candy Fresacher

Five pictures of each of six continents from travelling over a period of ten years are on display

Travel to every continent except the Antarctic to see landscapes from the abstract and small to those showing wide open spaces.  Predominant colors:  blues, browns and greens – the pallet of nature.  From the Baobab Bunch to the Lone Island, pictures from Tanzania to the Philippines may give you a different perspective of far-off countries.

A Photo Exhibition by Candy Fresacher

From September 26 till October 10

at the Corridor Gallery Building A 1 floor

World Travellers’ Club- Tanzanian Safari

tanzanian safariIn Swahili “safari” means a journey.  So come and take a journey with us to Tanzania to see the animals and scenery of the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater and three other national parks of the north.

The most important part of a safari is to see the African Big Five:  lions, leopards, rhinoceros, buffalo and elephants.  But there are plenty of other animals and birds, plants, lakes, streams, mountains and grass to open your eyes and ears to the stories they have to tell.  And it is their story: you – the human being – are just an observer, someone trying to patch together the tales you see into the fabrics that make up the circle of life.

Come and enjoy the sights, see if you can find the animals in the scenery and come up with some stories of your own.

Presented by Candy Fresacher

7 pm, October 10, 2012

World Travellers’ Club

Central Dorm (Központi Kollégium, Egyetem Street 10)

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International Week 2012

nki het plakat1blog

INTERNATIONAL WEEK 2012 and Workshop on International Business:


Best Practices in Intercultural Communication, Finance, Strategy, Logistics and Network Design

on 26th September 2012 at 9 am.

Detailed programme of the workshop.

Detailed programme of the International Week.

VENternational Picnic

VENTARNATIONAL PICNIC6International people + university days (VEN) + games + prizes + free pizza + fun = VENternational Picnic

VENternational Picnic by the Faculty of Economics
26 April 2012, upper campus (VEN- university days)

1.30-2.30 VEN-Sleng, Lithuania, Croatia, Italy
Study sleng and pick-up lines in foreign languages. You might need them once… 🙂

2.30pm-3pm Games without borders by AIESEC
Fun competition for the first prize!

3pm-3.30pm Giant nine men’s morris
Team up and destroy the enemy! by BEST

3.30pm-4pm International Music Jam,
Bring your instruments and play with us! Bring guitars, drums, pots and spoon…..everything you can make noise with! by ESN

4pm-5pm Pizza and Chat with the American Corner.
Topic: Study/work abroad.
Let’s talk while having a nice pizza and some drink.

The programs are free!

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