Francois Le Texier, Erasmus exchange student, France

I choose Veszprém because I was looking for a small city, furthermore the location of Hungary is a perfect starting point to discover some other countries around. I’m very glad about my choice because it was an amazing cultural and personal discovery, even if it was a bit strange for me to see at the beginning that few people (except students) spoke English but it was very fun at the same time. The Hungarians are full of kindness, especially my mentor who was here to help me each time that I needed him. Here the lecturers are very much open and friendly to their students. I don’t have this feeling to be a child in a college because I’m considered as an adult, a student. So at the end, I’m very glad to be here and it’s already a bit strange for me to think that in less than 60 days it will be over but I met a lot of people from a lot of countries, I discovered an amazing country with nice people and I improved my English skills, so yeah definitely Veszprém and the Erasmus programme was the best choice.


Frank Dibia, Economic Analysis MA, Nigeria

Veszprém is a city with modern lifestyle, while it still preserved its traditions, cultures and values. The lower cost of living and studying in a classy environment in comparison to costs in other EU countries is also a good advantage for me. The University of Pannonia, Faculty of Business and Economics offered me a very exciting and highly competitive curriculum in MA Economic Analysis which can be adjudge as world standard. People of Veszprem are kind people, super friendly and Veszprém has this kind of international atmosphere to live and study regardless of who you are, where you come from, your cultural background etc. I don’t even speak Hungarian yet I feel like I’m at home and welcome. This feeling is really good!! I have been happy ever since I came here and while writing this piece, I realized I could not have been anywhere else than the University of Pannonia. Hungary is indeed the Paris of Eastern Europe.


Kamile Vaitiekute, Erasmus exchange student, Lithuania

I chose Hungary and the University of Pannonia, because this country is in the middle of Europe, so my first thought was that I could travel a lot and reach many countries in the easiest way! The second decisive thing was that two of my friends from my university studied here before, so they recommended me to choose Hungary. My experiences are really good here! Especially about the university. I really like it here, because it’s really different from my university in Lithuania. People and lecturers are really friendly, they help you any time! And the lessons are so interesting! And also there is a university lounge where students can relax comfortably. I’m really glad about my choice. I am thinking more and more about coming back here for further studies after my BA. I’m in love with Hungary!


Mira Wahlmüller, Erasmus exchange student, Austria

I wanted to go abroad to learn some more about different people, their countries and cultures. The best moments for me during my stay in Veszprém are the events for example “Taste our Country” were each country is presented. There you can get some information about the other countries and their traditions; there is possibility to try some typically food, and to do some dances together. I also like the sports programme of the university and the possibility to choose from a huge variety for free. Of course I like the courses as well because they are really interesting. The courses are in English which is my salvation, because Hungarian is such a difficult language. But I participate in a language course for foreigners and now I am improving my Hungarian skills as much as possible.


Saki Tokinami, Tourism and Catering BA, Japan

I came to Hungary to acquire global wide visions. I am surprised to know that a lot of people can speak not only English but also other languages and they also can communicate with each other even by different languages in Europe. Also, I had been to Veszprem twice before I decided to come here to study. I had thought it was a quite beautiful city and I’d like to live in such a city someday. That is why I chose the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Pannonia. I have never changed my impression about this city since I actually started to live here. I am so happy because my primary dream came true. I like to discuss the differences between cultures and habits among some countries with other foreign students in English. This is the best moment for me. I will always do my best to improve myself in Hungarian.