Higher level vocational trainings:

  • Human Resource Management (in Hungarian)
  • Business Administration and Management (in Hungarian)
  • International Business (in Hungarian)
  • Finance and Accounting (in Hungarian)
  • Tourism and Catering (in Hungarian)


Bachelor’s programmes:


Master’s programmes:


Postgraduate programmes:

  • Insurance Manager (in Hungarian)
  • Maintainance Manager (in Hungarian)
  • Medical Tourism Specialist (in Hungarian, in English, in German)
  • E-administration Manager (in Hungarian)
  • E-administration Manager, master’s level (in Hungarian)
  • E-administration Engineer (in Hungarian)
  • E-administration Engineer, master’s level (in Hungarian)
  • Economist specialized in E-administration (in Hungarian)
  • Economist specialized in E-administration, master’s level (in Hungarian)
  • EU project manager in English
  • Quality Engineer (in Hungarian)
  • Quality Engineer, master’s level (in Hungarian)
  • Quality Manager (in Hungarian)
  • Quality Manager, master’s level (in Hungarian)
  • Economist specialized in Quality management (in Hungarian)
  • Economist specialized in Quality management, master’s level (in Hungarian)
  • Project management


Doctoral School of Management Sciences and Business Administration