Untitled10th October 2014

1st International Workshop: R&D in Stakeholder Driven Procurement:Health care, Public sector, Hospitality industry and the Humanitarian sector

Morning session: Status of Health Care Procurement
Afternoon session: Research Workshop

Morning 9-13h:

Procurement in Health Care: Best Practice and Research
Health care is becoming more expensive everywhere in the world. Whether organised as private health care institutions, Public Bodies or mixtures of these, the rise in costs of medical care is wide spread. In this context, most Governments try new institutional arrangements to control expenditure, while at the same time hospitals and care institutions look for ways to reduce costs, although they are at the same time under pressure to improve the quality of medical care.
In this context, we organise a special day on Friday the 10th of October 2014, reviewing both the state of the art of modern procurement practice in hospitals in Western-Europe in the morning  and the latest research findings and practitioner experiences in Stakeholder dependent activities like Hospitals, Public Procurement, Humanitarian activities and the Hospitality sector in the afternoon.
The Department of Supply Chain Management of the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Pannonia in Veszprém, in cooperation with the largest University Hospital of the Netherlands – the University Medical Centre of Groningen – and its Procurement Department will organise the day.
In the morning, after the opening at 9.00 by the Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics, Dr. Lajos Szabó,  guest speakers will share their experience with the participants:
• Prof. Dr. Péter Mihályi, Professor at the University of Pannonia, Faculty of Business and Economics, Head of Department, Department of Finance: Cost-benefit analysis in health care and the current financial state of the Hungarian health care system
• Prof. Dr. Dirk-Jan Kamann, Research Professor at  the University of Pannonia, Faculty of Business and Economics: External dynamics: new challenges and opportunities
• Hans Bax MBA, Procurement Manager of the UMCG and President of the Dutch Association of Purchasing Dept of Health Care (NEVI Zorg): Procurement at the UMCG: challenges and results
• Prof. Dr. Ning Qu, Thorax Surgeon at Tianjin Chest Hospital, International Project Manager at UMCG and Chairman of Sino-European Medical Innovation and Co-operation (SEMICO): Sourcing in China for medical devices? Some results
• Prof. Dr. Zoltán Kovács, Professor at the University of Pannonia, Faculty of Business and Economics, Head of Department, Department of Supply Chain Management, Márta Vörös: Hospital purchasing: a case study

Afternoon 14-18h:

Research Workshop
After lunch, the afternoon will cover research contributions in procurement in sectors were typically various types of Stakeholders are important: examples we think of are the health care sector, public sector, the hospitality sector and the humanitarian sector. We welcome papers on results, proposals and new ideas. Practitioners, Researchers and PhD students will be invited to present their work and/or discuss experiences in the field. We already received contributions on for instance the adoption criteria for doctors, insurance companies and staff when it comes to medical devices, but also a presentation by the Hungarian Armed Forces on supply chains in crisis. While expert researchers and PhD students are invited to present their work and other new ideas that may arise, interested practitioners are warmly welcomed to provide us with their views and experiences. Hopefully, a new international network will arise for future cooperation in this field.
The day will receive the support of the International Purchasing and Education Research Association (IPSERA). The costs of participating for will be kept low (max 10.000 ft or 35 euro for the morning; free for the afternoon).

More information about the program:

Prof. Dr. Dirk-Jan Kamann, University of Pannonia,
Faculty of Business and Economics,
Egyetem Utca 10,
H-8200 Veszprém,
e-mail: dirkkamann@yahoo.ca