Acculturation to the academic profession can only be accomplished through engagement in all research, teaching and service activities. The road towards a successful academic career is covered with stones of hard work.

How can PhD students avoid major pitfalls? How to write a doctoral dissertation of high quality? What skills are needed to be successful in the academic career? What are the stages of the academic career life cycle?

A doctoral workshop to answer these questions was organized by Professor Gyula Vastag at the Faculty of Business and Economics University of Pannonia. The ’PhD Workshop on Professional Acculturation’ was held on the 14th of June 2013 within the frame of the 4th European Decision Science Institute (EDSI) Conference.  The workshop facilitators were two former Presidents of the Decision Sciences Institute: Professors G. Keong Leong  (University of Nevada at Las Vegas) and Krishna Dhir (Berry College).

Participants, representing University of Pannonia, National University of Public Service and Corvinus University of Budapest,  learnt, among others, how to develop a strategic research plan to advance their academic careers. The workshop provided opportunity for discussion on the role of service in the institution, on the importance of choosing the right academic position, on the challenges at all stages of the academic career and on the career development.

Surely participants will remember for long for the Words of Wisdom by the two fantastic presenters, Professor G. Keong Leong and Professor Krishna Dhir, such as:

2„Doing a dissertation is like tending a baby.”

„Always seek incremental improvements.”

„Work, work, work!”

Written by: Janka Huják