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University of Pannonia
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Opening Ceremony of the Marketing Focus Laboratory at the University of Pannonia

University of Pannonia has implemented an innovative, high-tech, unique investment in Veszprém. The main goal of the investment is to make the experience and scientific results gained during the university marketing research widely available to its corporate partners, thus expanding the service portfolio of the institution.

As a result, a Marketing Focus Laboratory equipped with an eye-tracking camera was established, which was inaugurated at the same time as the start of the 2020/21 academic year.

Dr. András Gelencsér Rector of the University of Pannonia, Dr. Beáta Fehérvölgyi, Dean of Faculty of Business and Economics, Dr. Zoltán Birkner, President of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office, and Dr. Zoltán Veres, Head of the Department of Marketing, also spoke at the opening ceremony.

The design of the Marketing Focus Lab is suitable for conducting surveys based on the orders of corporate partners, thus helping the work of product developers and the exploration of customer satisfaction. In the focus laboratory, it is possible to test products, explore the emotional background related to services, and learn more about consumer preferences.

The facility will fill a gap in the region. Its on-demand services can be a potential benefit for business partners, government organizations, other educational institutions, or any user facing a corporate or consumer decision.

ExxonMobil Innovation Competition

ExxonMobil, one of the world’s leading energy companies, is launching a competition for students about economic development and climate protection, responsible and clean energy usage, energy system transformation, the innovative reconciliation of conventional and renewable energy resources. The demand for energy is growing worldwide while new challenges are being posed by a changing globe. Trends shaping our world highlight the importance of responsible energy management. Our demand for energy is constantly growing, but the resources available are limited. Therefore, we need to use the available resources more efficiently, along with new technical solutions and their smart applications. In the future, in the name of sustainable development, especially if we want to meet the increasing demand for energy, every form of energy, including natural gas and renewable resources will be needed to meet the global and European emission reduction targets.


Dual Challenge:

How can increasing demand for energy in the world be met while reducing carbon footprint as required by climate protection goals and calls for energy transition and responsible energy consumption? How can civilization and the need for an improving standard of living be reconciled with climate protection goals? How can responsible energy consumption be increased, and sustainability requirements met at the same time?

Who is Eligible to participate in the Competition?

The announcer invites applications from

– university students studying in Hungary or
– PhD students studying in Hungary or
– professionals and teams participating in joint research and development projects with Hungarian universities

who shall demonstrate a concept for development or an actual development project in the field of energy science.


Applicants must register in advance until September 25, 2020 Here >>>

All materials must be uploaded to the competition website until October 21, 2020

You can read more about the competition here >>>



The Future of Tech Congress – The Internet Entrepreneur Awards

The term ‘business as usual’ doesn’t quite cut it these days. Being in the middle of a health and economic crisis (pandemic) makes it rather tough to continue trucking along in life, let alone business. It can be difficult to navigate the uncharted waters in a deeply sensitive conversation, both offline and online.

However, The Future of Tech Congress now starting to see brands peek from underneath the cloth, attempting to find a creative way to spread the message of social distancing through the power of social media and online conversation. Brands in the last few months have been jumping into the trending topic online that is COVID-19. The majority of consumers these days actually want brands to take a stand on what happens in our world today, where 64% worldwide will make a purchase based on a brand’s social or political stance.

This high profile, exclusive event brings together the most influential leaders in business, education and government to recognize and celebrate business success, supported by the area’s most important professionals and advisors.

Winning an“Internet Entrepreneur Award” is the highest possible accolade and will elevate your business to a higher echelon of excellence. Attending the event will remain a highlight of the business calendar, and associating with the awards will align your brand with the most prestigious business event of 2020.

The Future of Tech Congress also understand that not every business is in the mood for celebration right now but also feel that awards present an opportunity for leaders to demonstrate their hard work and success & reward their staff, during both good and bad times. They will attempt to recognize and reward individuals, teams and brands that conquered adversity with their strength of perseverance, innovative outlook and sustainable processes.

This virtual event will be held on 15th October, 2020.


Read more about the categories and criteria here >>>


Contact for more details:


Official sites:

Internship opportunity in Maribor 2020/2021

The University of Maribor Faculty of Economy and Business  International Relations Office offers a Traineship opportunity for administrative work between 1st October 2020– 31th March  2021 .

You can apply for Erasmus+ as well.

More information available here>>>

Deadline for application: 7th of September 2020.

Where to apply for Erasmus +?

Veszprém: Kolos Adorján, Directorate of Academic Affairs, International Office, Office no. 5, Building „A” (10 Egyetem utca)

Email: or

Phone: 06-88-624753

Schedule of the academic year 2020/2021

Tanév időbeosztása

Start of the academic year: 4th September 2020 (Friday)

Dual training programme: duration – in accordance with the Council for Dual Training – of the whole academic year 22 weeks (registration weeks, Fridays during term time, exam periods, autumn-spring-winter-summer holidays). Holidays and days off (max. 4 weeks) – regulated by law, must be negotiated with the company, not involving study obligations.

Registration week: 7th-11th September 2020 (Mo-Fri)

First dual day of freshmen: 18th September 2020

Opening ceremonies: Cancelled due to the corona virus pandemic.

Term time: 14th September-18th December 2020 (14 weeks)

Bank (public) holiday: 23rd October 2020 (Fri)
Autumn holiday: 30th October-2nd November 2020 (Mon)


Exam period: 19th December 2020 (Sat) – 29th January 2021 (Fri)

Christmas holiday: 25th December 2020 (Fri)

Final exams: 21st December 2020 (Mon) – 29th January 2021 (Fri)

Winter holiday: 24th December 2020 (Thu)- 3rd January 2021 January (Tue)

Graduation ceremonies: Cancelled due to the corona virus pandemic.

End of first semester: 31st January 2021 (Sun)

Start of the spring semester: 8th February 2021 (Mon)

Registration week: 8th -12th February 2021 (Mon-Fri)

Term time: 15th February (Mon) – 21st May 2021 (Fri)

Bank (public) holiday: 15th March, 2021 (Mon)
2nd April 2021 (Good Friday)
5th April 2021 (Easter Monday)

Spring holiday: 1st-7th April 2021 (Thu- Wed)


Exam period: 22nd May – 30th June 2021 (Sat-Wed)

Bank (public) holiday: 24th May 2021 (Mon) – Pentecost

Final exams: 8th-30th June (Tue-Wed) 2021

Graduation ceremonies: Due to the corona virus pandemic you will get more information during the semester.

Final exams must end 3 weeks prior to the dates of faculty graduation ceremonies.

End of the academic year: 30th June 2021 (Wed)

Download Schedule of the academic year 2020/2021 in pdf format >>>

Tourism as a Driver or Barrier for Quality of Life – Tourism Conference 2020

The 2020 international tourism conference organized by the University of Pannonia seeks to discuss actual challenges regarding quality of life, by bringing together leading academics, tourism researchers and industry experts to provide an interdisciplinary platform to exchange ideas, share practices and research results on all aspects of sustainable tourism and quality of life. The official language of the conference is English.

More information available here >>>

Our students are in final round of the 2020 Shark Tank of Wellness competition

The team of the University of Pannonia has elaborated an innovative wellness idea “Sleeping Beauty Sleep Mask”. The team is going to present the idea personally at the Global Wellness Summit to be held in November 2020, in Florida.

Congratulation for the team members: Richárd Bakay, Fruzsina Horváth, Balázs Csatlós and our colleague, Judit Sulyok.


The official site of the competition is available here >>>

Erasmus+ Traineeship at Norway

The Addmissions Office of the University of Stavanger offers an internship opportunity.

Duration: Between 6 and 12 months, preferably 1-year duration

Location: Arne Rettedals hus, Kjell Arholms gate 41, 4021 Stavanger, Norway

Starting date: September 2020

Working hours: 9:00-15:00, 30h/week

Accommodation: UiS covers university accommodation cost up to 5000 NOK/month

Payment: No salary; the student is expected to have an Erasmus+ scholarship or other financial support. UiS contributes with coverage of accommodation costs (see above). UiS covers a fee for a Norwegian language course (12 weeks x 4 hours every semester).

Main responsibilities and tasks:

– Supporting the International Admissions team
– Working with different social media channels
– Maintaining of Excel sheets, registration of data to student information software
– Regular updating of webpages
– Contribution to marketing/recruitment and promotion activities
– Other tasks can eventually be added, depending on the performance of the intern

Person profile:

– Student enrolled at a Bachelor’s or Master’s level or a recent graduate who can receive Erasmus+ scholarship or other financial support
– Strong English skills (spoken and written), knowledge of other languages is a strong advantage
– Strong communication skills and intercultural awareness

Application procedure: Send your CV together with a cover letter to till 24. July 2020.

The original call available here >>>

You can inquire about Erasmus in person at Kolos Adorján at the International Office or at the following email addresses:


Online Graduation Ceremony – 3. July 2020.

Dear Graduates!

This semester was very different from the previous ones, and this also affects the graduation ceremony. Given the current regulations we are organize an Online Graduation Ceremony on July 3, 2020, from 4pm on the Facebook page of the Faculty of Business and Economics, instead of the traditional ceremony.

We think you’ve worked hard for your degrees, diplomas, and you deserve to celebrate that at least virtually.

All is not lost that is delayed! Of course, in the future, we will provide an opportunity for you to receive the diploma in a ceremonial setting, in the company of your invited loved ones at an official graduation ceremony. Till, stay with us on Facebook on July 3 from 4pm!

European Travel Commission – Internship in Brussels

The European Travel Commission is looking for an Digital Marketing and Communication Intern to join our team for a period of six months starting in July 2020.

The internship is paid 1000€ net/month.

The ideal candidate should demonstrate:

– Self-initiative,
– Detail oriented,
– Good project and time management skills,
– Creative thinking,
– Strong communication skills in English (oral and writing), knowledge of other languages is advantage,
– Good command of Microsoft Office, Adobe Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator ismeret, experience in WordPress is a plus,
– Team player,


You can download the official call from here >>>

If you think you are the right person for this role please send your CV and motivation letter (in English) to Miguel Gallego

Deadline: 21.06.2020.


You can inquire about Erasmus in person at Kolos Adorján at the International Office or at the following email addresses:





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