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Questions & Erasmus+ scholarship

Dear Students,


The International Office of the University of Pannonia would like to ask for your help to get more accurate information of your future mobility plans and the issues that arise!

– Do you find it complicated to get throught the application process?

– Can’t decide where to travel?

If you got any questions regarding to your opportunities to study a semester in another country, ask them now and they answer it for You HERE>>>

Filling out the questionnaire is anonymous. Deadline: 11th May, Monday

ClimateLaunchpad – Free business development training

ClimateLaunchpad: Free business development training, also the world’s largest green business idea competition. Teams who have a good idea of ​​mitigating the effects of climate change are welcome to apply. The goal of the program is to support teams professionally and with a network of contacts in which their international and domestic coaches participate.

What does the program, which will be held online this year, consist of?

– 3 half-day bootcamp with foreign trainer
– 6 group business opportunities
– National final
– Grand final

The winner of the Grand final will receive € 10,000, the runner-up will receive € 5,000 and the third will receive a cash prize of € 2,500.

More information available here >>>

The deadline is: 10 May 2020.

Facebook >>>

You can watch the participants of the 2019 international final as inspiration:



If you have questions please feel free and make a contact: 


International Week (online) – between 27 and 29 of April 2020

11th INTERNATIONAL WEEK at University of Pannonia – Faculty of Business and Economics between 27 and 29 of April  been created with  all faculties and campuses of the University of Pannonia, the University of Pécs, ECC 2023, and our creative student group CoolLaunch.

At this time it will be different like before. Because we definitely wanted to offer you something, due to the pandemic, we decided to move the event to the Internet. It means our options are limited… we can’t cooking together or playing KUBB in the park, but if you are actively involved in the programs offered here, this year’s International Week could be even more special.

27 April 2020 Monday

10:00 – FolkFashion: We start sharing the received images on FBE’s Facebook page and the community can vote for them.

10:00 – FolkSong: We start sharing the received videos on FBE’s Facebook page and the community can vote for them.

18:00 18:30 Ask The Prof – Facebook live conversation with Prof. Dr. Dirk-Jan F. Kamann and Dr. Edit Kővári on the CoolLaunch Facebook page.

28 April 2020 Tuesday

8:00 – Announcing DancingUniversity Challange.

18:00 18:30 Ask The Prof – Facebook live conversation with Dr. Péter Kondricz and Emese Várnai on the CoolLaunch Facebook page.

19:30 – Online FIRE Juggling SHOW – you can watch Dominik Glassl’s online fire juggling performance on the CoolLaunch Facebook page.

20:00 – Announcing Quarantine Art Challange

29 April 2020 Wednesday

18:00 18:30 Ask The Prof – Facebook live conversation with Alan Clarke and Dániel Szabó PhD Student on the CoolLaunch Facebook page.

30 April 2020 Thursday

18:00 18:30 Ask The Prof – Facebook live conversation with Salah Mohamed Ali and Róbert Vámos on the CoolLaunch Facebook page.


International Week – FolkSong Call

At the International Week 2020 we also thought about those who feel themselvs better in the show business than the fashion. We would like to recommend the FolkSong program!

Egy szabály van csak:

There is only one rule:
Record a video of singing a folk song up to 1 minute, then upload it to the form interface available at the following link:

The deadline is 26 of April 2020.

The uploaded folk songs will be published on FBE’s Facebook page, where they can match each other by voting.

Prize: The song that gets the most votes will also be recorded in a performance by a professional singer!

International Week – FolkFashion Call

As we promissed yesterday, we share the first call of the International Week 2020 now: It’s FolkFashion!

Here are the rules:

1. You have take a PORTRAIT picture of yourself wearing folk costume.

2. You can sign up and upload the picture on the following link:
The deadline is 25 of April 2020.

3. Then the received images will be uploaded to FBE’s Facebook page and the hunting for likes get started!

PRIZE: The persons who made the 12 most voted pictures get an official photoshoot. The pictures taken there will be pat of the calendar of our university.

INTERNATIONAL WEEK during the coronavirus… 27-29 April 2020.

Just relax, we’ll bring the International Week again this year, for the 11th time.

Our team organized a contactless program -perfectly adapted to the circumstances- but trust us, the experience will be incomperable! Especially if you join in and bring your creative spirit!

The event may have been created with:
– all faculties and campuses of the University of Pannonia,
– the University of Pécs,
– ECC 2023,
– and our creative student group CoolLaunch!

So be ready and keep your eyes open, we can all participate in the programs. You will find the calls on social media channels from tomorrow.


Updated schedule of the academic year 2019/2020

Due to the pandemic situation starting in February-March 2020, the spring semester of the academic year 2019/2020 is rescheduled as follows. Further changes may be introduced on the basis of national measures.

You can download the schedule from here >>>

Faculty of Business and Economics’s Scientific Student’s Association’s Conference – spring 2020.

The University of Pannonia’s Faculty of Business and Economics, along with its institutions, departments, as well as its teaching locations, with the support of the Scientific Student’s Council of the University of Pannonia and the University of Pannonia Faculty of Business and Economics’ Scientific Student’s Council announces the Institutional Scientific Student’s Association’s Conference at the University of Pannonia.

Important dates/deadlines:

More information available here >>>

The realization of the “Support of the Hungarian Scientific Student’s Association’s Workshops and their events at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Pannonia” (NTP-HHTDK-19-0018)program supported by the Human Resources Support Manager.


United Nations World Tourism Organization – Online competition

UNWTO in collaboration with the Basque Culinary Center launch the 2nd Global Competition for Gastronomy Tourism Startups.

Identify challenges and projects, and catalyzing innovations that can transform the Gastronomy Tourism sector in the near future.
Tourism is a driver of inclusive and sustainable economic growth, a cross-cutting sector with a high impact on the promotion of social welfare, with the aim of promoting the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

You can apply in two categories till 6th of April 2020.

Startup category >>>

Innovation in Social Impact category >>>


Home office, home university – Tips for work and study at home

The epidemic caused by the new coronavirus forces us to do our work from home for a while, to continue our studies we have to change our daily routine. We all agree that working and studying at home has some advantages and disadvantages too. For eg. it’s a great thing you can save your travel time now. It may take 5-10 minutes for many of you, but little strokes fell great oaks! To reassure our employer and teachers, we can now use this remaining time to work and study. 🙂

The positive aspect of home office / university is that we can better focus on a particular task, so we can be more efficient because our office colleagues aren’t surprised every 10 minutes nor does our roommate distract us at the dormitory or apartment. Of course, in the current situation, the fact is the other members of the family are at home too and they can easily distract our attention. Don’t forget: Stay focused!

Fortunately, technology is now one of our best friend, the Internet is our main ally, and there are many ways to stay in touch, and use them to avoid personal contact.

There are many useful tips on working and studying at home on the Internet, and we have compiled a list of them, without being exhaustive.

10+1 TIPS for work and study at home:

1. You need rules and boundaries!

The home environment can easily distract your attention, so set up a daily routine that you stick to! Too much freedom can lead to chaos. It can be a solution to write a to-do list and tasks for each day and check them out when you are done with them.

2. Organize your daily tasks!

Which task you start your day with is up to you. There are people who like to start with the task that requires the greatest effort, concentration, to get over it fresh as soon as possible. Others try to finish the small tasks first so that they can then focus their attention on the big task. Decide for yourself which solution is best for you!

3. Set deadlines and try to meet them!

4. If it possible, do not start to use your computer immediately after waking up, because you can easily get stuck there!

We have experiences with this… 🙂 “I’m just writing this letter… just posting this news on the site… just replying to these few emails … and in the end you realize that it’s 12 o’clock already! It’s time to have breakfast and get dressed …” That’s why you need your own rules and stick to them!

5. Designate a place to work, study at home!

6. Don’t disappear!

Communicate with your colleagues, your superiors, indicate what you are working on! If you’re a student, stay in touch with your teachers, counselor, and associates.

7. Sometimes you need a little movement! Leave your computer there and move your limbs a little!

8. Pay attention to healthy eating!

Don’t be so immerse of work and learning that you only realize at noon that you need to have breakfast… see section 4 🙂 Try to have lunch as usual. Try to keep the balance because after the epidemic is over, the Department of Physical Education will not be able to handle the increased traffic. 🙂

9. Keep your home work / study environment organized!

What will the others say when they see a lot of unwashed dishes and scattered chips bags behind you at a Skype meeting?! 🙂 It is good that we discussed healthy eating one point upwards… 😉


The specialty of working at home and learning is that it requires greater trust from employers and teachers. We have to trust in colleagues to do their work conscientiously and also the students learn the curriculum at home. This requires greater responsibility from the part of us because life doesn’t stop only going in another way for a while. Do not misuse with this confidence! There is nothing more important to our health now and everything is being done to protect it! So let’s work and study at home!


And finally one of our favorite picture about home office 🙂

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