The Faculty of Economics is really pleased to announce that the Department of Tourism is launching a 7-semester-long, full-time BA programme in Tourism and Hospitality in English.
The aim of the programme is to provide students with knowledge in tourism as a specific socio-economic phenomenon and discipline. It aims to develop technically competent, broad based individuals who think and communicate effectively and who have the skills required to conduct research, carry out problem-solving and undertake critical analysis. Tourism is the focus and the programme draws on the results and methods of many disciplines to inform the study.
The main topics of the programme are:
• trends in the supply and demand of international tourism;
• economic, social and environmental impacts of international tourism development;
• tourism and sustainable development;
• integrated tourism planning.

The programme gives the students opportunities for in-depth analysis of tourism in a number of different contexts, including economic, social, technological and environmental, set within a broad structure of management and business techniques and principles.
The courses of the programme provide students with a high level of intellectual challenge as well as opportunities for gaining practical industry related experience.
The Faculty of Economics is looking forward to welcoming international students at this programme starting in the 2011 fall semester.

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