Photo by Z. H.

Name: Zohrab Hamo
Coming from: Hochschule Beremen, Germany
Programme: Erasmus student mobility

1.    Why did you choose Hungary?

I choose Hungary because two of my friends studied earlier in Veszprém and they told me that the university is very good and the professors are very friendly and the people are very nice .

2.    What did you know about Hungary before you arrived?

Not so much, just some Wikipedia information about Hungary.

3.    How do you like your stay in Hungary? What do you like the most in Hungary and in Veszprém?

Yes of course I like staying here. I like Budapest very much because it is an international city, you can meet all kinds of people there. Veszprém is small but it is very nice.  After one week, you know everything about Veszprém and they students are very friendly here and they are helpful.

4.    What are your future plans?

Working between Arabic’s countries and Germany, because I speak both languages, so I would like to be a kind of manager!!

5.    Is there anything else you would like to share?

I like Veszprém 😉