Who should apply to the Master’s Programme in Economic Analysis?

MA in Economic AnalysisDo you see problems in the functioning of the following systems or are you simply interested in how they operate?

  • tax system
  • municipalities
  • public healthcare
  • education
  • corporate finances
  • distribution of income
  • labor market
  • protection of the environment
  • stock exchange

Would you like to work in these fields of economics, and improve the functioning of these systems?

Would you like to know how to analyze consumer and corporate behavior and what makes a good national economy?

We offer you a high-quality study programme in economics to help you realize your plans!

The Master’s Programme in Economic Analysis is recommended to those who would like to:

  • acquire high quality, widely applicable economic knowledge;
  • gain confidence in evaluating even the most complex economic problems;
  • understand more about competitiveness and development and put these theories into practice in their everyday work;
  • get acquainted with the rules and forces behind EU and other levels of international cooperation;
  • become an expert in applying the appropriate problem-solving techniques required by scientific work and analysis.

Both fresh and former graduates are welcome.
The curriculum and educational methods have been organized in a way that meets the needs of both circles of students.


MA in Economic AnalysisStudy or Work after Graduation?

Further Programmes of Study

Ph.D. programme (3 years): after earning the MA degree, you can apply to the Ph.D. programme in Economics of the Doctoral School of the University of Pannonia.

Finding a job

The Department of Economics and the Career Office of the University of Pannonia will assist you in the job-seeking process.
The advanced knowledge of economic models and the ability to apply them is the basic condition for pursuing any high-profile career in economics. Our graduates, therefore, will most probably be in the position to choose among various employment opportunities. The following is a list of companies and institutions where our graduates will most likely be employed:

  • various institutions and bodies of the European Union or its national collaborative organizations
  • Ministries (primarily those of Finance, Economics and Social Services)
  • governmental organizations (Tax Office, State Audit Office, Financial Supervisory Authority, Fiscal Council)
  • national and regional development agencies
  • universities and other institutes of higher education
  • consulting firms
  • research institutes
  • auditing firms
  • stock exchange

Furthermore, the obtained knowledge will qualify our graduates to pursue an independent career as experts.


Main Features of the Programme

MA in Economic Analysis 2.The programme boasts one of Hungary’s most experienced and skilled staff of professors in the realm of economic analysis, some of them affiliated with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

The professors have all gained some research or teaching experience abroad and/or some work experience in a competitive environment (see the professors’ CVs for details). Their knowledge of models, therefore, combines with a healthy degree of business acumen. This is reflected in their teaching method, building on a balanced combination of economic theory and its application in practice. In our courses, a thorough discussion of the most important models to be used comes before case studies are presented, which is probably the best way of gaining practical knowledge. This is reinforced by a highly student-oriented study ambience, as classes are held in form of seminars with 10-20 students.


Length of Study

According to the curriculum, students can complete this MA programme in 4 semesters (i.e. 2 years), by earning 120 credits.

The Qualification

The professional qualification obtained with the diploma is Economic Analyst.

The Degree

Master (abbrev.: MA)


How to apply?

Click here for the application information.


MA in Economic Analysis 2.Contact information

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