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University of Pannonia
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Day of Logistic – Pallet Painting Competition

Let’s celebrate together The Day of Logistics with a Pallet Painting Competition!

11 of April, Day of Logistics. To celebrate and promote Logistics, the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Pannonia, the VEAB Logistics Working Committee and the EPAL are organizing a Pallet Painting Competition.


1st place: VEN season pass for all members of the team (!),
from the organizers of Veszprém University Days + EPAL goodybag

2nd place: Sailing on the Balaton offered by the Aquilo Hotel Panorama and the Active Pont Tihany + EPAL goodybag

3rd place: wine package + EPAL goodybag

The Competition is welcomed by teams of 2-5 students from university students.

The event will be on 9 of April 2019. at 12 o’clock

Location: The Parking place between the Building „A” and „B”

The theme of the painting can be freely chosen but it must be related to LOGISTICS.

The techniques of the works (paint, crayon, tempera, etc.) are determined by the teams, so the necessary materials must be purchased by the teams. Pallets are provided by EPAL (size: 800 x 1200) You can use any commercially available paint during the Competition which does not require special permission. Protective equipment must be provided by the teams (masks, gloves, etc).

You can apply on the following email address:  The subject of the e-mail should be “Pallet Painting”

Deadline for submission is 5 of April 2019 (Friday)

Candidates should also provide their name, e-mail address and mobile number as a result of the contact and the technique to be used. The subject of the e-mail should be “Pallet Painting”

The Pallet Painting Competition promoted by EFOP-3.6.1-16-2016-00015


Photo exhibition

Photo exhibition of Erasmus and Campus Mundi fellowships at the Faculty of  Business and Economics. The photos taken by former scholarship students. If you are willing to apply for a scholarship please contact the International Office.

Traineeship offer in Vienna

The Center of International Relations office at University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna has an Erasmus Student Traineeship offer. The position requires good command of German and English (equivalent to level B2 or above).

Application period: March 8th to March 31st, 2019.


For more information and contact details please click here>>>

Where to apply for Erasmus +?

Veszprém: Kolos Adorján, Directorate of Academic Affairs, International Office, Office no. 5, Building „A” (10 Egyetem utca)

Email: and

Phone: 06-88-624753


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