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University of Pannonia
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Advent charity for the Alex Animal Protection Association

We are try to organize an Advent charity for the Alex Animal Association in this year as well. They are take care almost 50 little puppies, who are waiting for a real warm-hearted owners.

How can you help? With a donation of course! If you have something you can offer, don’t hesitate! Katalin IVÁN waiting for your supplies at the Office A/102 till 17th of December.

What would be really needed:

– dog and cat food (dry food, tins, dog salami)

– disinfectant and cleaning products

– rubber gloves

– cat litter

Let’s make those pet’s Christmas beautiful!

Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Studies 2019/2020 (Deadline: 1 April, 2019)

The University of Pannonia is calling for applications to complete foreign part-time studies or internships as part of the Erasmus+ programme financed by the European Union. And what’s so good about it:

✔ you can travel several locations to get international experiences;
✔ you can improve your language skills;
✔ develop your other skills like communication, problem solving, creativity etc;
✔ be an open minded person, get knowledge from different cultures;
✔ get more social capital;
✔ get more independent, pointful and well informed!

Why don’t you travel too? Everyone can get a scholarship!

Just spend a half or a whole year in one of our receiving institution  partner in 2019/2020 and discover the country, get new connections what you can use after you finished your studies!



Deadline: 1 April, 2019!

Where to hand in the applications?

Veszprém: Kolos Adorján, Directorate of Academic Affairs, International Office, Office no. 5, Building „A” (10 Egyetem utca)


The original appeal with more information>>>

Find your professional practice in Slovakia

We would like to recommend this list below, especially if you are looking for an Erasmus+ opportunity to do your practice abroad! Please contact  your chosen Institution and apply for Erasmus+ Scholarship at the International Office of University of Pannonia.


You can find the list here>>>

Field trip in Zalaszentgrót

The Students of the Business Administration and  Management and the Tourism and Catering did a field trip in Zalaszentgrót in 8 of november 2018, under the leadership of PhD Viktória Czuppon Csizmadiáné. They were invited by József Baracska who is the mayor of the town.


The zealous company did a survey about the social trust between the contractors and the council.

70 questionnaire was field by the affected persons like the CEO of  Coca-Cola HBC Hungary Ltd. and they also did 3 structured interview and a focus group discussion.


After the exhausting day no one said no to sleep!

The Field Trip program will continues in December and January, when they will do a factory visit at Coca-Cola HBC Hungary Ltd.

Project LELLE2 – Let’s Learn How to Learn!

 Let’s Learn How to Learn! – Learning skills development for secondary school students

Consortium led by the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Pannonia won the grant titled ’LELLE2 – Let’ learn how to learn! – Learning skills development for secondary school students’ in the frame of Erasmus+ announced by the European Committee in 2018. The European Union supports the project number 2018-1-HU01-KA201-047839 with €297.386 starting on September 1st, 2018 planned ending on December 31st, 2020. The University of Pannonia leads the strategic partnership project collaborating with Eszterházy Károly University – Hungarian Institute for Education Research and Development (Hungary), the Statny Pedagogicky Ustav  (Slovakia), the Cirkevná spojená škola MARIANUM (Slovakia), Liceul Teoretic „Téglás Gábor” (Romania), Kuressaare Gümnaasium (Estonia), and the I. Béla Comprehensive School, Dorm and Primary School from Szekszárd (Hungary).


The LELLE2 project idea came from the success of ERASMUS+ project LELLE ( which focused on the research, measurement and development of learning skills (managing own learning process, critical thinking, problem solving). In order to be successful during the higher educational studies or finding a job factual knowledge is not enough, certain additional soft skills are also needed.

These key competences are not taught in the institutions so that secondary students need to acquire these skills themselves. The main objective of our project is to provide secondary school students with learning skills development and to equip them with skills that can be used on the job market and in the secondary and higher education.


During the 28-month project the Partnership lead by the Faculty of Business and Economics is to achieve the implementation of the

following intellectual outputs:

  1. Best Practice Collection on Learning Skills Development (compilation of state-of-the-art learning skills development methods available for assessing and developing the learning skills of secondary school students)
  2. How to Teach How to Learn – teachers training in secondary schools (training material for secondary school teachers and provide training for them)
  3. Learning skills assessment of secondary school students (taking into account the skills and abilities of secondary school students, and the demands of higher education and employers)
  4. Pedagogical materials for learning skills development
  5. European Learning Skills Development Gateway (it will be a knowledge share portal and will also function as a knowledge community)


The first transnational project meeting was held in Veszprém on 8th – 9th October, 2018. The Partnership successfully started the project work in the Kick-off meeting.

More information:

Internship opportunities in Spain!

Alegria Hotels as a fast-growing hotel chains in Spain, we are always seeking hospitality students who are interested in exploring Spain and Spanish culture.

We offer hospitality internships for a minimum duration of 3 months, during spring and summer.

We have positions available at the following departments:

– Food & Beverage Service

– Kitchen

– Animation

– Front Office

Click to read original source, and find contacts>>>


Important to know you can apply for Erasmus+ scholarship to complete your internship easier. If you have any questions about how to apply and what does Erasmus offer for you please feel comfortable to contact Mr Kolos Adorján in the International Office.

Bakony Expo 2018!

We are participating on 5th time in the Bakony Expo between 9-11 of November. It is a jubilee occasion for us therefore, we are take a part in a larger number and also greater enthusiasm.

What the Bakony Expo about: Primary Producers from the county offers their product. The visitors can gain insight of the production process and get acquainted with different tools.

We will conduct a survey during the Expo – to help the organizers work.

On Saturday from 12:00 till 14:00 on the stage we are prepare with the Cooking-World (Főző Világ), tastes and rhythms from the World event which will be organized by University of Pannonia, Helyben a Hely(i)ért Rural Development Association and the Lélektér Fundation. On this event students from five nation will introduce themselves and their culinary: the Maltese, the Turkish, the Spanish, the Lithuanian and the Hungarian. Péter Gulyás the ambassador of EKF (the cultural capital of Europe) and Gergő Iváncsik handball player will taste the prepared meals.

Please Welcome

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