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Article on the KnowingDoing Gap in purchasing

CaptureWhile the tool kit of the purchasing manager is full of theories, instruments, methods and techniques, he actually does not make full use of these in practice. Max Boodie, PhD student and Prof. Dirk-Jan Kamann, reported on the first research findings when they went out and actually measured these differences in the Dutch Magazine for Purchasing managers Deal!, read by more than 6000 purchasing practitioners. It explored that 30% of the purchasing managers interviewed, knew all concepts but did not apply them. The article deals with the causes and gives some recommendations to narrow this gap, such as aligning HRM Incentives between purchasing managers and internal clients and getting more familiar with the ideas of internal clients.

The article was published on the 25th of September.

Written by Prof. Dirk-Jan Kamann

A new international project at the Faculty

metalogWe continue our contribution to the development of European vocational training system.
The requirements of the labour market are changing due to globalisation, integration of actors and business processes, standardisation and the increasing role of logistics as a multi-sectorial function where some 10 million people are currently employed in Europe. METALOG project intends to develop a Europe-wide Logistics Qualifications Framework and to lay grounds for the development of a European stakeholder network for qualification within the transport and logistics sector.
We work under the coordination of DEKRA in Germany, in co-operation with European and multi-actor partners: ITL in Italy, AFT in France, Arbeit und Leben Hamburg, perspektive3 and ITB in Germany, SfL, in UK, 3srl, Lagermax in Austria.
The project will:
–    improve the competence development in the sector and more innovation through sharing and borrowing information and best practices
–    offer a valid basis for decisions to be met on national and international levels,
–    enhance business opportunities and
–    result in unified, strong voice in negotiations.
We are responsible for WP7, evaluation. It includes the project monitoring and assessment of results. Students, our industrial and academic partners will be involved. Result will be utilised in our training programs also.
Further information about the project can be found at

Written by Dr. Zoltán Kovács

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