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University of Pannonia
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Erasmus experience in Sweeden

Photo by Adrienn Endrődi

Photo by Adrienn Endrődi

I am studying Human Geography at Högskolan Dalarna in Borlänge, in Sweden.
Within our first two weeks we had ‘The Orientation Week’, which was organised for the Erasmus students. We participated in several programmes, such as visiting the main attractions in Borlänge and Falun, playing guitar hero, sledging or rapid dating. I really enjoyed these activities, because we were getting to know each other better.
My favorite part in the daily routine is ‘Fika time’. Fika means having a break, mostly coffee breaks with friends. We usually accompany it with cookies or cinnamon rolls. This is the best part of the day, if we do not have party at night!
The educational system here is totally differ¬ent from ours in Pannonia, especially as we do not have a fixed timetable. We take part in lessons at a different time every week, but it was hard to get used to it. We learn a subject for no longer than a month and after the last seminar we have the exam. There is no special exam period.  I am enjoying my stay because the teachers are very helpful and friendly and I can also say many of the students are very interested in Erasmus students.

By Adrienn Endrődi

Neptun – Subject registration

subject regsitrationDear Students!

We post here some help for you with the subject registration.

Please remember that you need to regsiter for your subjects before each semester (except for those who start their first semester with us).

How to do it?

Go to Neptun:

Follow these steps:

Neptun -> Subjects -> Subject registration ->choose the correct semester -> select subject -> choose course -> save
For a visual help click on the picture above.

You will find more help in the Neptun Users Guide:

How do you know what subjects you need to regsiter for?

Check the model curriculum of your academic programme!
In the Neptun, on the subject registration page, you will see if a given subject is obligatory or elective. You need to complete all the obligatory subjects during your studies. You will also see in which semester of your studies we recommend it to complete.

My Pannon Experience Call, May 2012 – Winner Photo

egle.2012.mayThe Faculty of Business and Economics is glad to present the winning photo of the “My Pannon Experience” Call, May 2012.

The picture was taken by our Tourism Management MA student Eglė Šilėnaitė from Lithuania. Congratulation!

“This is my photo about my feeling for the Veszprem 🙂
There’s also my motto for Veszprem :D”
Eglė Šilėnaitė

Did you know? II.

did you know_friedler ferenc

Dr. Ferenc Friedler is leading the march with his veteran motorcycle at the University Days.

Did you know….

That Dr. Ferenc Friedler is a keen motorist?

In his spare time, the Rector of the University of Pannonia loves riding his motorbikes. He finds that spending only a few minutes riding his 170 horsepower Honda provides him the most intensive experience, equaling hours of relaxation and recreation after the daily routine. Professor Friedler also has a veteran side-car, which gives a completely different kind of experience. While cruising with the side-car motorcycle, drivers often slow down and admire the extraordinary vehicle.

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