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University of Pannonia
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Sport Schedules

sport_schedulesAll students are free to join any of the sport lessons offered by the Department of Sport (Building C).

For the schedules click on the links:


Lessons in the Fencing Room

Lessons in the Gymastics Room

Lessons in the Sports Hall

Lessons in the Work Hall

Please don’t forget, that you must complete a given number of semesters of sport (PE). For more info please see the curriculum of your pogramme.

Munich Business Summer School

Névtelen In July 2012, Munich University of Applied Sciences offers an interesting and intensive three week study program, the Munich Business Summer School:
Three week program from July 9 to July 27, 2012

Courses: German Language and Culture, International Management (International Economic & Management strategy / Doing Business in Germany)

We combine a high quality academic program with company visits and field trips. Participants will have the opportunity to learn in an international environment, to improve their intercultural competences and to get to know about the German language and history. The International Management course is taught in a tandem by one professor from our home institution and one professor from a US partner university.
We offer a carefree travel package, organize visits to companies (e.g. BMW), to memorial sites and touristy excursions. For more information, please find attached the brochure of the program or visit our website

Application deadline is March 15, 2012.

For more info Click HERE.

Neptun timetable

How to check Your timetable?

How to check Your timetable?

Click on the picture to see the easiest way to check Your timetable in Neptun.

How to reach Your timetable?

Neptun -> Studies -> Timetable

After you clicked on the ‘Timetable’ menu point, You can choose among monthly view and weekly view. In this calendar You will see the dates of Your subjects.


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