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University of Pannonia
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Gita Rupjā from Latvia

Hi, everyone!

gita-képMy name is Gita Rupjā and I come from Latvia. Very often when I’m saying Latvia, people are making interesting faces- it is visible, that they don’t have any idea where it is, but it is so funny, because no one wants to admit their poor knowledge in geography, so I have heard so many guesses… 😀 even Asia!

So if you don’t know where Latvia is – it is your homework to find out. 🙂

In Latvia I’m studying at Vidzemes University of Applied Sciences, I’m a third year student in Tour Guide program. It’s fun and interesting but at the same time very, very responsible. Those who know me better, could say that can cause some problems (but I’m trying). 🙂

If I need to say 100 % truth, when I was applying for Erasmus studies, Hungary was not in my list of choice and till the beginning of August I didn’t know to which country and university for Erasmus studies I will go. So when I got response from University of Pannonia I was so surprised and excited.

Before coming to Hungary I spent a summer in Cyprus for my internship and I didn’t have a long break before coming here, that’s why Hungary for me was like a white page- without any knowledge and stereotypes about my destination. Everything what happens here and what I see helps to make my impression about this country. And so far I can be only glad that I have a chance to discover everything here by myself with your help guys (Erasmus and Hungarian friends) 🙂 And there is no doubt now about the knowledge and useful experiences I will gain in  my private and academic life.

So thanks everyone for these great months in Hungary!


Movie and Pizza Night on American Presidents

amThis term the American Corner is screening documentaries on American Presidents as part of our monthly Movie and Pizza Nights.

Come and join next Wednesday at 18.00 to watch and discuss the next must-see documentary.

On November 24, 2010 they are screening the PBS documentary Happenstance, which deals with the vice presidents who became presidents.

The movie is shown in English.

Attendance is free. Pizza comes from one of the best restaurants in town. Everybody interested is welcome.

Fill out our quiz after the movie to win an American Corner mug.

Do not forget to register to this movie at

The American Corner provides pizza to all registered participants for free.

Time: 18.00 Wednesday, November 24., 2010

Venue: Nagy Laszlo Room

Eotvos Karoly County Library

Veszprem, Komakut ter 3.

Being a PhD Student at the University of Derby, UK

IMG_4877_alloAs a lecturer at the Department of Management, University of Pannonia I started my PhD studies in Derby University, UK at the Faculty of Business, Computing and Law in 2010 January.  My research theme is Quality Life-Quality Work: Gender Work-Life Management in Hungarian Tourism Sector.  The two universities have good relationship due to one of my supervisors, Professor Alan Clarke. The part-time PhD study is perfect example of blended-learning, which means the texts and resources of each module is uploaded on my personal UDo profile and every semester there is a research day where I do a report on my progression to the Derby supervisor, Dr. Christine Jones. In addition every January starts with the New Horizon Conference where PhD students give presentations about their researches. Derby University provides an excellent atmosphere to do a research and therefore I   would like to thank this opportunity for those who help and support me:  the dean of the Faculty of Economics, Dr. András Jancsik, the head of the Department of Management, Dr. Lajos Szabó, last but not at all least Professor Alan Clarke.

The Deputy Chief of Mission of the American Embassy’s visit in Veszprém

CC 2.0 by Kalypso Nikolaidis

CC 2.0 by Kalypso Nikolaidis

Timothy A. Betts, the new Deputy Chief of Mission of the American Embassy in Budapest is visiting Veszprém for the first time on Thursday, November 18, 2010.

All are cordially invited to attend his talk entitled “Tha NATO, EU and US Summits: Lisbon and Beyond” in the Foyer of Building B of the University of Pannonia starting at 11.00 am on Thursday, November 18.

More information about the DCM is available on the website of the Embassy:

Time: 11.00 am Thursday, November 18, 2010

Venue: Foyer of Building B, University of Pannonia

Veszprem, Egyetem u. 10.

Jan Schubert from Germany

Hello everybody,

Jan-képMy name is Jan, I am 23 years old and I am coming to Veszprém for, as it seems at the moment, 10 months. So it is worth to read this introduction :-). I am coming from Germany from the technical University in Darmstadt, which is near Frankfurt. There I am in the master degree of industrial engineering with specification on mechanical engineering. My home university is very good for studying but not so beautiful, because it is mainly made from concrete! So when I am homesick, I just have to go to building I and it will be better ;-). But actually I am totally not homesick, because I am feeling very comfortable here with my new Hungarian and multinational friends from our Erasmus group. I do not only like the people I also like the country at all. For me it is very beautiful and there are a lot of interesting activities, which we can do in our free time. And because I am staying here for a longer time I am really looking forward to the summer at lake Balaton.

I chose Hungary for my exchange year, because I wanted to do something different than all of my fellow students, which are going where so many students from my university have been before. I wanted to find something special and I am happy that I found it here!

In Germany I was doing sports very often. Anyhow I have not been doing sports so often here in Veszprém. Therefore my “going out at night to have only one drink” activities increased unbelievable fast. But I think the tasty Soproni and the good hungarian food will prevent me from getting fat 🙂



Doğukan Uzunyaşa- from Turkey

dodo-képMy name is Doğukan Uzunyaşa and I am coming from Turkey. I was born in Istanbul and I lived over there 18 years. During the university years I had to move Aydın in Turkey’s south-west. I study Hospitality Management in Tourism Depertment at Adnan Menderes University in Kuşadası. I am on my 7th semester now. Hopefully, if I pass my all of exam here, I will graduate end of this academic year. Also, second semester, I have to do internship. If I find nice hotels in Hungary (especially in Budapest) to do internship, it will be perfect for me. I want to do that in Hungary, Because I liked this country with everything. We have really similar culture. Also there are a lot of similar words between Hungarian and Turkish. First time, when I saw some words even sentences, I was surprised. I am in Hungary since first week of August. I was in hungarian language course (EILC) at ELTE in August. I lived the best days of my life in Budapest for 3 weeks. After budapest, I came to Veszprém, of course Veszprém does not like Budapest but quite nice city. Especially people are very helpful and friendly. I am here to see new place,to know new people and of course to study like every erasmus studentJ. I am so happy to be Erasmus family member at University of Pannonia. Fortunately, I joined to Erasmus at Pannon Egyetem in Veszprém. Finally, I want say one sentence in Hungarian, also in Turkish. Please do not forget this, because I will never J I know it’s not so same but sound is really same…

Zsembemben sok kicsi alma van (Cebimde çok küçük elma var)

Köszönöm szépen

Doğukan Uzunyaşa

Agnieszka Szewczyk from Poland

Hello everyone!

agnieszkaMy name is Agnieszka Szewczyk and I come from Poland. I study Management and Marketing at the Wrocław University of Economics. Now I’m on my 5th year of studies and writing a masters’ thesis is ahead of me. For me going abroad for Erasmus program was just a good decision to make. It’s a great experience with amazing people :-).

Apart from studying I’m involved in students’ organizations – BIT The Travellers Club (“BIT” stands for “Because I Travel” and gathers people hooked on travelling to organize projects aimed at university students) and Summer School Poland (two weeks in summer combining studies&fun at my university for students from all over the world).

Whenever I have some free time I love to travel, discover new places and trying new things. For me, spending a semester here in Hungary lives up to these expectations 🙂



Freshman Ball at the Faculty

gólyabálCome and celebrate with us the freshmen of the Faculty!

The programs include a concert, lots of dance, some poker and many others…

Date: 19 November 19:00
Place: Building B

Buy your ticket at building B, every day 10.00-16.00!
See you there,
Don’t forget to dress up! 😉

Erasmus PhD Student at the University of Derby, UK

Németh Petra“I am fortunate to be spending the first semester of the school year 2010/11 in Derby in the United Kingdom. The University of Derby offers more than 200 different courses from Fashion Studies to Zoology. The most important aim of my stay is to take courses and conduct research to support my PhD thesis. The University of Derby is very hospitable for international students, with a group of people who are eager to help everybody in any situation (help is really needed for example during the enrolment process and signing in for subjects). The University is
perfectly equipped to fulfil my goals, students have access to a lot of electronic articles and even e-books in the library and through the University system from anywhere and everywhere. According to my experience lecturers prefer essays and presentations to tests and exams which requires more research and  promotes a different type of study. The attendance at classes is compulsory and students spend a lot of time in the library and the learning centre preparing the essays and presentations.
This University seems to be an excellent place to accomplish my purpose!”  by Petra Németh-Gyurácz

Paintball Day at Balatonfűzfő

A short trip was organised  for our Erasmus students in October.We went to Balatonfűzfő to play paintball and try the bob.

DSC02693We had two teams for playing paintball: the Oranges: Jirka, Marion, Jonas, Marta and Anett; the Whites: Dodo, Mirenia, Jan, Marika and Edyta. The game was awesome even if we got some purple/green/ blue patches and some headshots… 🙂 result: orange: white 2-1

After the paintball games and some rides on the bob we had lunch at the single restaurant in the area where we were waiting and waiting and waiting for our meals with unbroken enthusiasm and feeling of hunger. 🙂

All in all it was an amazing day! Hopefully there will be similar programs soon. 🙂

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