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University of Pannonia
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Regatta 2010

regatta_2010This year, the Georgikon Faculty gave home for the rowing competition of the University of Pannonia, the Regatta, on 14th May, 2010 at Keszthely. The event was organized 12th time in the life of the university to strengthen the friendly relationship between and within the two campuses. Employees and students competed on 2000 ms in groups of women and men. The teams were made up by ten rowers and one arbiter. Though all but one, the competition of male students, was won by the campus of Veszprém, the rector, Ákos Rédey and the dean of the host faculty, Károly Dublecz emphasised the importance of the goal of the event and not the importance of winning. A thousand people visited the program to support the teams, and fortunately the weather was also graceful to the organizers and the competition took place in sunny weather.

Award-winning American writer in Veszprém

by Chris Breikss CC 2.0

by Chris Breikss CC 2.0

Bruce Holland Rogers, multiple award-winning American writer is performing a reading of his very short stories in English (and one in Hungarian) in the Steverson Collection Book Club on Tuesday, May 25, 2010.
Bruce Holland Rogers has a home base in Eugene, Oregon, the tie-dye capital of the world, but until July of 2008 he is living in London, England. His fiction is all over the literary map. Some of it is SF, some is fantasy, some is literary. He has written mysteries, experimental fiction, and work that’s hard to label…
More about the author and his works on
Don’t miss this great opportunity!
Register to this program with an e-mail to
The program is free of charge and open to everybody.
You are cordially invited to attend.
Time: 16.30-18.00
            Tuesday, May 25, 2010
Venue: American Corner
            Eotvos Karoly County Library and Cultural Institute
            Veszprem, Komakut ter 3.

Scholarship to Atlanta

Atlanta 2010 másolataIf you fancy spending a semester (Fall 2010) in the USA and want to learn, explore and get some new experience
do not hesitate to apply for a scholarship offered by CLAYTON STATE UNIVERSITY, Morrow, GA Atlanta.
Pop in with your CV to the CIS Office (room A134) or send it to
 Requirements: good marks and good English

Application deadline: 1 June 2010.

VEN – University days at the University of Pannonia


The entry ceremony of VEN 2010

As a university student I had a lot of fun last week at the VEN. The event took place from 26 April till 2 May, 2010 at the upper campus of the university.

The 5 VEN groups were working hard to convince students why they should win the title of best entertaining team and were fighting hard for the title of the student rector. Among the many new ones, the usual programmes could be found as well: the entry ceremony from the Óváros Square was organized on Tuesday, where spectators were amused by very creative entry procedures. We had police and ambulance cars, tanks with military band, the Erasmus team performed their brilliant dance and even Robin Hood appeared with his mobile tower.

From Thursday on we had concerts and gigs to enjoy. The wide variety of performers promised programs for everyone with different tastes. It included many popular bands and djs of Hungary and the good atmosphere was guaranteed in advance.

In case you have missed something from the program or you only wish to relive the one week just take a look at the records the VEN news was doing all the time: the cast did their best to cover all the happenings of the 6 days.

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