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University of Pannonia
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VEN- University Days 27 Apr- 2 May

The VENrasmus Team

The VENrasmus Team

The VEN has been organised for the 22nd time with the aim of building the university’s community.  Apart from the traditional shows and line-ups, one can pick among the many presenters and entertainers invited for the 6-day-long event.

The VEN groups have already teamed up and are ready to fight for the title of best entertaining team. Among the many new ones, the usual programmes can be found as well: the entry ceremony from the Óváros square, the introductory shows of the VEN teams, the inverse classes and presentation days, the canvasser programmes, the gala and the endless parties, djs and gigs for the audience.

As a brand-new facility the organisers introduce the “Hangover Corner”, where students can regain peacefully their shape for the upcoming night.  Do not worry, if you have missed something from the former night: the VEN news is going to be around every day to cover all the happenings at the 6 days. The directors and organizers hope that everyone will find something for their taste and will have a nice week full of fun.

Project Presentation Day

by jepoirrier CC 2.0

by jepoirrier CC 2.0

This year ,26-27 April, the Faculty of Economics organises the 4th Project Presentation Day (PPD) where more than 180 students in German and 280 students in English present in 6 sections. The event came to exist in 2007 when Cecilia Tusa and Edit Komlósi, teaching business German and English courses that time, thought that students need to improve their presentation skills and teamwork. Although the course has undergone many changes the PPD is still an outstanding part of the Comprehensive Business Studies course. Why is it so successful and effective?  The reason is obvious: it teaches learners to gain self-confidence to present in a foreign language both in front of their class-mates and lecturers and also professors of the Faculty, company leaders, managers and representatives. Since 2009 students are assessed by an independent evaluation board and the result is built in the students’ final assessment.
For more info please contact Edit Komlósi at

Krisztina Priszinger and Jolopukki

Priszinger K.I had the opportunity to spend a week at the University of Lapland, in Rovaniemi, Finland through the Erasmus Lecturer Exchange programme. There has been a tight cooperation between the tourism departments of the Finnish and our university for years now, many colleagues of mine has already visited Rovaniemi and the Finnish Erasmus programme coordinator, Professor Seppo Aho is also a regular guest at our conferences, events and classrooms.

The journey has been an outstanding experience in many ways. In lecturer point of view, Health Tourism taught by me, fitted very well into the module of Regional Issues in Tourism taught by Professor Aho, so the students showed great interest towards the subject, they were open-minded and cooperative and I found the interactive classes very interesting. The journey was also useful in the aspect of improving professional and personal relation with the professor.

Of course, the personal experiences are also something to mention. One would not believe how excited an adult can get when meeting Santa Claus! The sightseeing sites might not match with those of London or Rome, but the nature is so beautiful in winter, you do not even have to travel away from town to enjoy the view, it compensates for everything. The walk on the 70 cm-wide-ice covering the River Kemi, taking the dog for a walk in the woods, the sauna in the evening, the 14-hour-long journey by train and the sparkling white snow will remain an unforgettable memory from the arctic circle.

Nato Internship Programme

NatoWe have the pleasure to announce that the 8th Call for the NATO
Internship Programme has started on 6th April and will be closing on 4th
June 2010.
The Call is published on the NATO Internet Website.

You will find attached our Programme Brochure in English Programme 1, Programme 2.

If you would require any additional information please do not hesitate
to contact:
Mrs.Yesim Yenersoy
Assistant NATO internship Programme
Boulevard Leopold III
1110 Brussels,  Belgium
( Phone: +322.707.7918 Ê Fax:     +322.726.9293
* E-mail:

David Regéczi at the Faculty

UntitledDavid Regéczi  is giving lectures on Governance and Partnerships at our Faculty 12-23 April, 2010.
David is a regular visiting lecturer at the Department of Management and returns every year to Veszprem. Outside the classroom he is a policy analyst with the Dutch-based, international research and consultancy firm ECORYS. He specialises in cluster policies, public-private partnerships, foreign direct investment, and network governance—in essence, the space where private enterprise, government, and other stakeholders interact. He uses social network theory to inform both his public policy recommendations and to manage his research teams.

Over the last years, he has both been a key expert and research leader for clients in both the public and private sector. Most recently, he completed a needs analysis and segmentation of the city and port of Rotterdam for General Electric, helping to forward GE’s efforts to do business with public bodies in Europe. He is also research leader and deputy team leader for a study examining the competitiveness of the European meat processing industry, looking at the line between voluntary codes of conduct and government intervention. In the field of industrial clusters, he has been heavily involved in projects designed to identify and promote clusters in Kenya and Turkey, offering both methodological support and training.

David obtained a PhD in public policy from the University of Twente in the Netherlands, where he explored accountability and sustainable development in the context of (market-based) public-private partnerships. The case studies used for his thesis included a look at motorway construction for the M0 and M6 in Hungary, the construction of the new “Canada Line” high-speed transit system in Vancouver, Canada, and the construction of the Olympic Village on the Southeast False Creek, also in Vancouver.

On-line marketing course

Boston by D. P. Ohmer CC 2.0

Boston by D. P. Ohmer CC 2.0

As part of building and strengthening the international endeavours of the University, the Faculty of Economics has signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Massachusetts Boston, USA.

In the mutual agreement both parties express their willingness to promote student and faculty exchange and also agree about promoting an on-line marketing course.

The course will provide a noble way of collaboration mixing students from two different cultures. The on-line marketing course is supposed to be launched in the 2010 fall semester.

New Catalogue 2010-2011

catalogue borítóWe are glad to announce that the second Catalogue 2010-2011 of the Faculty of Economics has been published.

This catalogue contains our BA, MA and PhD programmes and almost 90 subjects offered by the Faculty in English and German languages.

Please, thumb it through and apply for the one which you like. 🙂

Catalogue 2010-2011 can be downloaded here.

America week 12-15 April

by Michelle A. Brooks CC 2.0

by Michelle A. Brooks CC 2.0

The event which is dedicated to the study of American culture and the strengthening of Hungarian-American ties was the initiation of then guest Fulbright Professor, Dr. Scott Campbell from Nazareth College, Rochester, NY in 2008 and has become a widely known, popular and successful encounter between Hungarian and American lecturers, professors, officials and professionals to the benefit of both the inhabitants of the town and its environs in general and high school and university students in particular.

From diplomacy and history to civilization, arts, literature, environment, politics, business, philosophy, sociology and law these events will both explore, analyze and bring you closer to American culture from a variety of different perspectives.

Most of the events will involve lectures and panel discussions (featured talks) starting in the early afternoons from Monday to Thursday.

On Thursday April 15 at 16.30 pm after the featured talks, we will also have the Opening of the Photo Exhibition entitled “Welcome, Mr. President! – American Presidents in Hungary” in the ground-floor exhibition hall of the County Library.

Opening Address by representatives of the American Embassy, Nazareth College and the University of Pannonia, Keynote Speech by John Balian, Cultural Attache from the American Embassy, Budapest.

“America Week” is also sponsored by the the Embassy of the United States of America and the Hungarian Fulbright Commission in Budapest.

These events are free. The language of the talks is English.

All are cordially invited to attend.

For more information, contact the American Corner Veszprem.

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