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University of Pannonia
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Egle from Klaipéda


I’m Egle. I came from one of the most beautiful Lithuanias’ city – Klaipėda.
There I’m studying recreation and tourism in Klaipėda university. It may sound strange, but I like my university because of it’s exterior 🙂 It’s a complex of red-bricked buildings, which looks so nobly and makes me proud that I’m a part of this university. Well, if talk about Lithuania, I can say, that it’s small (only 3 million people) but very homey. There are lot of forests, lakes and, of course, Baltic sea. I’ve heard that people from other countries say that Lithuania is “a green” country, and it’s true. We don’t have any mountains, but Lithuania is the only country in Europe, where are lot of mounds left from ancient days.

In my free time I like to be with my friends or family. Also I like music, so if there is a possibility, I’m playing with drums.

I’ve chosen Pannonia university because of it’s location 🙂 I saw the city in the internet and i decided that there’s no better place for my Erasmus studies than Veszprem 😉

Poland….and Veszprém


My name is Konrad and I’m from  Poland. Do you remember Józef Bem? He was also a Pole. And we also have our fabulous friendship :).

I’m living in a charming city in south-western part of Poland – Wroclaw.  If you are planning to travel to this country, you should surely visit this city. During the day you can do some sightseeing and in the evening you can have a great party underground places you have visited earlier. Not without reason  Wroclaw is called „a meeting place”. And we have also 4th place in Europe in number of bridges.

I study Marketing and Management at the Faculty of Economic Sciences at Wroclaw University of Economics. It’s a quite good university, so if you are studying management, economics or finance   and planning to go for an Erasmus exchange it could be a good choice.

I’m totally addicted to volleyball. I’m playing for more than 10 years now, but don’t think that I’m a kind of professional. One year ago I also started a referee career. Maybe I can help your University team in wining some games 🙂 ?

Why am I here? First of all Erasmus could be a greatest experience in my life and excellent opportunity to discover other cultures. I love to meet people from foreign countries and learn from them. I also have to improve my English .

Why Hungary? I thought – I will go south so it will be warmer here…but it turned out that it isn’t true :). And seriously speaking – I wanted to learn about the culture and history of the country, which passed a quite similar way as Poland after WW2.

Why University of Pannonia? To be honest – it was the only university with whom we signed an agreement. But I do not regret it, Veszprém is a lovely city. Life goes quietly over here. People are very nice. I really enjoy being here.

See you!

Erasmus student from Germany

KirilHi, I am Kiril from Germany and will tell you something about me and how I came to Veszprem.

I’m 27 years old and studying industrial engineering in Darmstadt, a city near to Frankfurt.

The “Technische Universität Darmstadt”, my home-university has a very long tradition and is one of Germany’s leading universities. It is well-known even beyond the boarders of Germany for its outstanding researches in engineering and computer sciences. But if you think that a university of technology only produces geeks and nerds without intercultural communication skills you are wrong.

By having more than 100 partner universities all over the world the TU Darmstadt offers a great opportunity to its students to learn about different cultures and people.

With such many choices, you see, it was not easy to choose the right university for my ERASMUS trip. And to be honest the University of Pannonia chose me. I was looking for an interesting issue for my thesis which I wanted to write in and about a country abroad. Luckily I got the possibility to do some researches in Hungary and now I am living in this beautiful city called Veszprem.

The city is situated in a breathtaking landscape. I am happy to be here and to live surrounded by my new ERASMUS family. Twelve People from different countries sharing a common goal: Having fun, enjoying our life and getting to a new culture.

Erasmus students…. part two

AytekHello, my name is Aytek from Turkey.
I’m twenty-three year old. I come from Izmir. I study Travel Management at the Tourism Faculty in Muğla University.

My country is really big, crowded and especially the western part is so modern like European countries. Whenever you come to Turkey you can see all the seasons, for example in one day you can ski in the mountains in Antalya and after you can swim in the sea.  I love my country.

In my free time I like playing guitar with my friends, I like swimming, fishing, travelling a lot, trekking and watching good musicians’ concerts. I love music – we have a rock band palying  rock music in Mugla’s popular bars.

I am here for Erasmus but why? 🙂 I have decided  to come here with my friend, Can because his home mates were Erasmus students in Veszprem last year. They told me lot of good things about the life here in Veszprem, the university, the friendships and of course the parties. Now I am learning tourism courses at the Department of Tourism which are luckily not too hard for me so I’ve lot of time to learn Hungarian and to practise it by meeting new people…
I’m happy with my new life here and with my big Erasmus family. I really like Erasmus life.  The only problem that I have here is the weather because in my hometown I haven’t seen minus degree. So this winter’s gonna be really hard for me..

See you – Aytek

Erasmus students at the Faculty

Let me introduce our Erasmus students from Poland, Germany, Lithuania and Turkey.

Why is it good to be an Erasmus student?

I’m Marcelina from Poland and already a very happy Erasmus student inVeszprem:) I come from the beautiful city of Wrocław where I study and live since 4 years.
I study Finance and Banking at the Department of Management and deeply hope it is a good choice:) Apart of studying I meet my friends, do some gymnastics and simply try to enjoy my life as much as I can – only once we are young!
My Erasmus adventure began about a year ago when I applied “by accident” for it.
While looking trough all possible universities around Europe it was Veszprem which has drawn my attention the most. The University of Pannonia not only offers you an extend diversity of subject to take up in English(also in German) but it’s also situated in a beautiful and mysterious city.
Veszprem, though it is not a metropolis still has got a lot of advantages to be taken of. What is more, when you look at the map you can easily recognize it’s interesting location – e.g.Balaton Lake to reach in 25 min, Budapest and Vien in 2 h, Zagreb in 4h and many others:)
At the beginning I did not know for sure if I’ll deal with studying abroad and that entire staff about being around completely new people in foreign country.
And once decided to take up this great possibility not to miss any adventure in my life:)

So see you somewhere in Veszprem!*

Professor Parkerson has arrived at the Faculty

John ParkersonProfessor John E. Parkerson has arrived at the Faculty of Economics

He is starting giving his lectures 16 February  on various international management topics such as:
Political, Legal and Technological Environment; Strategy Formulation and Implementation; Entry Strategies and Organizational Structures:  managing Political Risk, Government Relations, and Alliances; Management Decision and Control. Issues that companies face when starting foreign operations:  contracting with foreign parties, etc.
He will also give a presentation on Ethics and Social Responsibility:  international “compliance” concerns (including issues such as corruption, anti-trust, discrimination) and Managing Across Cultures and international human resources too.

All interested students are welcome to participate at these fascinating presentations.

NEW!!! BA in Tourism and Hospitality in English

The Faculty of Economics is really pleased to announce that the Department of Tourism is launching a 7-semester-long, full-time BA programme in Tourism and Hospitality in English.
The aim of the programme is to provide students with knowledge in tourism as a specific socio-economic phenomenon and discipline. It aims to develop technically competent, broad based individuals who think and communicate effectively and who have the skills required to conduct research, carry out problem-solving and undertake critical analysis. Tourism is the focus and the programme draws on the results and methods of many disciplines to inform the study.
The main topics of the programme are:
• trends in the supply and demand of international tourism;
• economic, social and environmental impacts of international tourism development;
• tourism and sustainable development;
• integrated tourism planning.

The programme gives the students opportunities for in-depth analysis of tourism in a number of different contexts, including economic, social, technological and environmental, set within a broad structure of management and business techniques and principles.
The courses of the programme provide students with a high level of intellectual challenge as well as opportunities for gaining practical industry related experience.
The Faculty of Economics is looking forward to welcoming international students at this programme starting in the 2011 fall semester.

For more info go to:

or :

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