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University of Pannonia
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Fulbright Professor at the Dept. of Management


We are very pleased to announce that our Faculty is hosting Professor Thad Usowicz during the spring semester 2009/2010.
The Senior Fulbright Lecturer comes from San Francisco State University, California where he is Associate Professor of Information and Data Analysis.
Thad Usowicz is holding both an intensive Project Management course 22-26 March 2010 and a semester long Project Management course at the Department of Management.

Courses in Foreign Languages for Spring 2010


More info:

‘Black America’ Movie Night

black america This term the American Corner is screening movies dealing with the topic of ‘Black America’ on their monthly Movie and Pizza Nights.

Come and join them next Wednesday at 18.00 to watch and discuss the next must-see blockbuster.

On January 27 they are screening the American comedy and drama Do the Right Thing directed by Spike Lee.

Introduction to the movie is by Krisztian Kindler, President of the Voice of the Street Free Time and Sport Association .

The Motion Picture Association of America rated this movie R: Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.

The movie is shown in English with Hungarian subtitles.

Attendance is free. Pizza comes from one of the best restaurants in town. Everybody interested is welcome.

Do not forget to register to this movie at American Corner provides pizza to all registered participants for free..The

Time: 18.00  Wednesday, January 27., 2010

Venue: Nagy Laszló Terem,Eotvos Karoly County Library,Veszprem, Komakut ter 3.

Honorary consul of Hungary at the Faculty

pk0224johnparkerson3Professor John E. Parkerson Jr. is coming to our Faculty to hold a Strategic Management course  in Ferburay 16-26.
Besides being a professor at the Clayton State University, he is Hungary’s honorary consul for the Southeast U.S. and is constantly working to promote trade between Hungary and the region.”
As honorary consul, Parkerson is the official link between Hungary and the Southeast. On a personal level, he is also developing close friendships with a growing list of Hungarian government and industry leaders, connections he believes will eventually lead to increased trade and business relationships with the Central European country of nine million people.
Parkerson’s connection to Hungary goes back to a 2003 trade mission to central Europe sponsored by the Clayton County Chamber of Commerce and led by then-Clayton State President Dr. Thomas K. Harden. On a reciprocal trade mission to Atlanta in mid-2005, Parkerson, at the time the chair of the Clayton State University Foundation, became friends with András Simonyi, Hungary’s ambassador to the U.S., a relationship that ultimately resulted in Simonyi asking Parkerson to become honorary consul for the Southeast U.S. in 2007.
Parkerson also had a hand in another of GlobalAtlanta’s Top 10 stories of 2009. The fifth most-viewed story was about the Global Soap Project. In addition to being a member of the board and the attorney of the Global Soap Project, Parkerson also did a non-profit and entity structure work for the group which recycles used soap from Atlanta hotels for use in refugee camps in Africa.
Do not miss the chance then and apply to his course now!!! For more info contact:

Advantages of being an Erasmus

If we were to analyze the advantages of being an Erasmus student, we could say that one of them is represented by the fact that the students have the opportunity to experience something new, like different ways of teaching.

Secondly, we can refer to the fact that students are able to improve their abilities in communication in a foreign language. They will notice that living in a foreign country for some time helps a lot in learning that specific language.

Moreover, being an Erasmus is a good chance to make friends all over the world. Together you can make parties and get to know a lot about different countries’ customs, about people’s character and their culture. Then, as an Erasmus student one has the possibility to take part in many organisations which imply travelling in different cities and know better the country you are visiting.

Do not forget though that this experience besides having fun is also about studying and returning home with new knowledge.
Do not hesitate then and be an Erasmus at the Faculty of Economics, University of Pannonia. 🙂

American visiting professor at the Faculty

John ParkersonWe are very pleased to inform you
that our Faculty will be the host of a well-recognized American professor,

Dr. John Parkerson Jr. from the Clayton State University,
who is Hungary’s Honorary Consul for the South-East US.

Mr. Parkerson will hold a two-week long course in
Strategic Management – Business Simulation
for 3 credits,
between 15-26.  February, 2010.

How to apply?

Send an e-mail to
with your name, major and contact details.

Lee Kuan Yew Global Business Plan Competition 2010

The Lee Kuan Yew Global Business Plan Competition 2010 will be launched on 20 January 2010. Organised by the Singapore Management University, the Competition is open to undergraduates from universities, colleges and polytechnics from around the world. Students stand a chance to vie for a share of the US$60,000 in cash, grants and an all expenses paid trip to Singapore to compete in the Final in July 2010.
Participants are required to submit a 1000 word business plan summary on-line at Deadline for submission is Wednesday, 31 March 2010. Registration and submission details are on the same site.
We would be most appreciative if you could help us publicize the Competition by broadcasting this e-mail to undergraduate students in your Institution or network.

We look forward to welcoming entrepreneurial students to Singapore for the Final.

Adeline Tan (Ms)
Evangelist, Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
On behalf of Organising Committee
Lee Kuan Yew Global Business Plan Competition
Singapore Management University

Issuing the first Newsletter

NewsletterpWe are really excited to announce the first issue of our Newsletter from the Faculty of Economics. This first issue has been published with the aim of strengthening the international endeavours of the Faculty, as international relations have always played a very important role in the scientific, educational and cultural life of the University of Pannonia.
Enjoy reading this first issue which will give you a brief insight into the work we do and what is happening at the Faculty of Economics. We strongly believe that this Newsletter will be a driving force in the progress of the Faculty. By putting the focus on important events and interesting content in this Newsletter, we hope we can make all our present and future partners aware of what is happening and more involved in the international endeavours of the Faculty of Economics.


Model European Union Conference

We are pleased to announce you that a Model European Union Conference, hosted by Galatasaray University, will be held for the tenth time from 22 to 27 April 2010 in Istanbul, Turkey. We kindly ask you to inform everybody you think might be interested in participating to this prestigious conference with an educational purpose that conveys the simulation of the main bodies of the European Union by undergraduate and graduate students.

For more information please click on the official invitation letter from the Head of International Relations Department of Galatasaray University,president of the conference, and also a promotion dossier for Conference 2010.

Invitation letter

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