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University of Pannonia
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Professor John E. Parkerson (Clayton State University, Atlanta) at the faculty

World Travellers’ Club – Paris, Versailles

párizsA slide show by Péter Mód
24. November, 2009
Central Dormitory at 19:00

Come with us during an amazing „journey” to the city of love and lights.
Enjoy the culture, the arts, the flavour of the famous french cuisine.

Conquer the Eiffel-tower , march under the triumphal arch, explore with us the wonders of the medieval and modern architecture and visit the magnificent mansion and its huge garden of Lewis XIV.

Tasting of snail and hot wine…

Swashbucklers do not spare!

Lovely Erasmus

Written by Eszter Czomba 🙂

ErasmusThe first time I heard about the Erasmus Scholarship, I thought that this is something I really should apply for. I didn’t know how it is, I didn’t think about being far away from my family, my friends, my country. I didn’t care about the difficulty of studying subjects in foreign languages. I was just sure that this could be the best time of my life. And I was right. I had the perfect time in the perfect city, with the perfect people – I was Erasmus student in Munich.
Being Erasmus student is something really unique. You are in a foreign country, in the first times there are a lot of strangers around you, you can’t find your place, but then somehow those strangers become your family, and you will find your place right there with them.
I’m glad that I chose Munich, when I applied for the scholarship, because this is the place that fits with me the most. It’s pretty, relaxed, clean, safe, culturally active, there are a lot of parks, where you can just hang around, there is the Isar river, and there are a lot of wonderful places around Bavaria that are absolutely worth a visit. One of the most important points for an exchange student is of course the university- and night life – Munich is the city that has something to offer for everyone, whether you are a party person or rather prefer couple of beers in a relaxed bar. Munich was love at first sight for me.
But my Erasmus life was not just about the city. It was also about the people I met there, and the things I learned at the University of Applied Sciences and even in the casual life. It was a great experience to learn a lot about professional things, and on the other hand about myself, about relations, cultures, feelings. What I miss the most are my Erasmus people, my friends, my brothers and sisters from all over the world. It’s a great feeling that if I wanted to travel to different places in the World from Mexico to Japan, I would always have a place to stay.
I can just suggest everyone to apply for an exchange semester, and I can surely say that Munich is the place where you can just feel all right and have a lot of fun all the time.
So guys, don’t hesitate, and be Erasmus, to have one of the best times of your lives.

The auditoriums have been renewed

TEREMThe two biggest auditoriums and three smaller rooms have been renewed at the Faculty of Economics. The 140 million HUF worth renovation was sponsored by the Faculty of Economics that paid ¾ part of the costs and by the University of Pannonia that paid ¼ part.
The handing over celebration took place on 21 October, 2009, in the packed auditoriums and was started by the presentation of Árpád Kovács Ph.D., President of the Hungarian State Audit Office. András Jancsik Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty, emphasised how proud he was that the education in these rooms can be carried out on a XXI. century level with advanced technology.

Summer holiday in the USA

Are you eager to know how the students of the University of Pannonia spent their summer holiday in the USA?
Are you curious about their experience and adventure?
Would you like to know what are the advantages of a few months spent working in the US? You will be provided with all the answers (and a lot more), if you attend this programme on 4 Nov. at 4.30 in the County Library.
Join this fun & informative programme, organised by the Veszprem based team of CCUSA and the American Corner.

Time: 4 Nov, 2009. , 4.30 p.m
Place: Eötvös Károly County Library
Nagy László Room

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