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University of Pannonia
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Celebrating a jubilee

Pannonia  60

The University of Pannonia celebrated its 60th ‘birthday’ in September, 2009.
As Szilveszter Vizi E., former president of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences stated in his congratulatory speech that ‘the University of Pannonia is said to have a reputation as known all over Europe.
Akos Redey Dr., rector of the University, highlighted that the university expresses its commitment with its name too, as it operates as the region’s knowledge centre. He also emphasized the unique features of the institution, as its partners and campuses can be found in all directions.

The night of magic…

török11Once upon a time there was an International Week at our University. Some students at the Faculty of Economics organised a Turkish Night. This Night began at 6 p.m. on 23rd September.
At first we watched some hungarian folk-tales. Noticing the Turkish concerns in the Hungarian folk-tales was very interesting. We saw fascinating pictures and short videos equally about Turkey, the plateau, tall hills and mountain ranges, a seacoast and sure about the people, who live there, and their culture. We watched exciting image films about this interesting country.
During the programme Asst.Prof.Dr. Osman Nuri Özdoĝan Turkish lecturer (The representative of Adnan Menderes University School of Tourism and Hotel Management institution) presented us Turkey in English. From the lecture we enriched our cultural, religious and tourism knowledge about Turkey. The Professor talked about the everyday life of the people who lives there, habits, a religion with surprising openness, from the country’s industry, its agricultural activity, moreover about the car manufacturing.
The International Folk Dance Club’s (Jó Hangulat Klub) dance instructor heightened the mood after the lecture. Everybody enthusiastically formed a circle in order to learn some Turkish traditional folk round dances. The Turkish Erasmus students showed it how to dance the real Turkish belly dance.
Then we played quiz. Participants formed groupes and the competition started. Naturally this programme was passed in a friendly mood and we laughed a lot. Many of Erasmus students attended the Turkish night, thus we played the quiz in two languages, in Hungarian and in English.The questions were about Turkey and we were happy to see several correct answers. All of us took delight in the turkish exchange student’s win because she got a Faculty of Economics souvenir.
During the night we had some problems, after all the lecturer and Erasmus students gave full marks to the organizer team on the Night.

Written by the orianizers of the Turkish night…

A visit to the Dubniczay Palace

DubniczayOrganized by the Tourism Department, the International Tourism Conference visited by many lecturers from Hungary and abroad took place in September . After the first tiring day the organizers invited the visitors for dinner and a surprise program in the Dubniczay Palace. After the arrival we were welcomed by a lovely speech of Mr. PORGA Gyula, the Deputy Mayor of Veszprém. To ensure the cheery atmosphere, we were offered the national drink, a homemade pear “pálinka”. During the smorgasbord dinner we had the opportunity to have a nice chat to get to know each other a bit more.
The dinner was followed by a surprise program, which proved to be great for opening  the participants’ fantasy. We had to form groups and were led into a dark room where the groups had to observe the beauty of  art by torch. When the lights were turned on, we came to realize that the piece of art entitled to be a guitar, did not picture a guitar in reality . Other teams observing abilities were excellent too .The art entitled “The lovers” was perpetuated at their most intimate moment and drew a great interest among the participants.
The next task also proved to be stimulating. The teams had to tell stories generated by the pictures they had seen, which also suggested that these people possesed vivid fantasy. We heard the story of the sad girl, whose clothes were stolen and whose gooses were diverted while she was swimming in the lake, the story of the three frogs, which played music on the ship “Titanic”, the story of the couple who wanted to visit a ‘competitive destination’ with their donkey, but was not let into the “non allergic hotel”. The “mooing” and “huiing” of the shepherd boy, who woke up among cows in the morning, was also brilliantly demonstrated by the lecturers.
Before the last task, we had to climb up to the attic to take part in the game. We had to pair upthe interesting 20th century work of arts  with the funniest – and of course absolutely not fitting- titles.
No wonder that the program was a great success among the participants, because these neat games were truly enjoyable. We were also surprised to see that even these serious grown-up lecturers stand on the ground at entertaining their audience.


(Written by: Zsófia Terék)

Scholarship to the USA

atlanta poszter.small

If you are thinking about spending a semester in the USA and want to learn, explore and get some new experience

do not hesitate to apply for a scholarship offered by CLAYTON STATE UNIVERSITY, Morrow, GA Atlanta.

Pop in with your CV to the CIS Office (room A134) or send it to

Requirements: good marks and good English

Big advantage: good sport results

Japanese night – quick look back

japén est harcOn 29 September we had a great opportunity to participate at a very special night. For a whole night we ‘were’ in Japan. The program started with the Japanese fighting art show and the audience watched it with great attention and fascination. It was awesome.

The show was followed by a unique presentation of Norbert Kávási Dr., displaying pictures of his own. There was not a moment when we felt like we were sitting at a usual lecture. Of course, it was due to the fact that we got an insight into Japan not by a very strictly designed performance. The audience did not feel cramped, they were free to ask questions from the lecturer and he also liked involving the participants into his memories.

After the lecture, lasting a little bit over than 2 hours, came what the organisers feared the most: the sushi and green tea tasting. Even though they knew the Japanese food was not exactly what it should have been, they still tried to bring the most of it out. Judged by several visitors, it was quite good. There was not a negative feedback, or probably the people might have held it back, not to hurt their feelings. Anyway, the food and drink disappeared within 5 minutes.

The rest of the evening was devoted to playing Japanese games, organizing competitions. The evening ended with watching an anime movie ’Miyazaki’s Spirited Away’, by the famous Japanese director, Hayao Miyazaki. Visitors could also make origami, and play with sudoku, picking rice with sticks and playing mahjong.
It was really worth to “go to Japan”.

Picture –

Short riport on Malaysian night

Malaysian night (fever)
Asia for beginners

malay2The event began at 6.30 p.m. on 28th September and everybody was very excited. There were about 70 people at the Malaysian night, and we can truly say nobody regretted coming. The rooms were decorated with beautiful flowers, and candles to create a special and exotic Asian atmosphere.
First, we could taste the colourful fruits and fill in the test about Malaysia. The winner could take home a voucher offered by Restaurant Tűztorony. Unfortunately, the presenter, who was supposed to introduce Malaysia couldn’t come, but it didn’t spoil the night, but fortunately the night was saved, as an enthusiastic volunteer stood in for the absentee. Then we watched exciting image films about the exotic country and its multi-national culture. We also had the opportunity to prepare flower origami, and taste the delicious cocktails.
Everybody left in excellent mood and a lot more in mind about Malaysia then before…

Thanks to the organizers…. – by GTK

Presenters – Part 2. ANDRIS KLEPERS from LATVIA

andris_klepersAndris KLEPERS arrived at Veszprém on behalf of the Vidzemes Augstskola University of Applied Sciences, which is situated in the northern part of Latvia.

Vidzeme University offers 2 kind of Bachelor Program in connection with tourism: Tourist Guide and Tourism Organization & Management; and also offers for tourism students a Master Program on Strategic Tourism Management.
Andris is the Director of the Bachelor Tourist Guide Program. His main research fields are tourism marketing, destination management and tourism spatial structures. He held a very useful and interesting lecture on tourism policy and planning. He spoke about the administrative reform in Latvia, the challenges for tourism planning, the cluster processes, cognitive mapping, and different visions for the future.
Andris has a long relationship with Hungary. He was a tour guide when he started his career. As Hungary is one of the most popular middle European destinations among Latvian people he had been here more than 20 times as a tour guide.
When I asked his opinion about our international week, he seemed very pleased. He considered internationalization a very important business and emphasised that this week was a great opportunity for students and for lecturers as well to taste how the world goes on in international ways. He mentioned that this conference could be the first step of a bilateral agreement between the Vidzemes Augstskola University of Applied Sciences and the Faculty of Economics at the University of Pannonia.

Presenters – Part 1. SEPPO AHO from FINLAND

We would like to introduce you some of our lecturers who held courses during our International Week.

Our first “victim” is:
Seppo AHO Ph.D., Lic.Sc.
from Finland

sampo3Since 2004 Seppo is the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Business & Tourism at the University of Lapland and he is the Director of Development since 2005. The University of Lapland is the northermost university in Finland and in the EU. Is is located in the city of Rovaniemi on the Arctic Circle. The Uni College of Lapland was founded in 1979 and the Faculty of Business & Tourism was established in 2004.
Seppo is a spook visitor in Hungary. He visited Hungary first time during the 1970’s as a member of a Finnish group which was sent to Hungary to extend and develop the friendship between the two countires. He had met one of his best friend in Budapest and visited our capital so many times. His first visitation to Veszrpém was about 10 years ago when he took part in a conference and in 2002 he was a Visiting Professor at the University of Pannonia.
When I first read the title of his presentation „ Tourist Ice Breaker” I didn’t know what to expect. Should I abstract or not? Briefly, his presentation was about a fine idea of a Finnish man called Sampo. He created a new tourist product with which he could make a highly unique experience in the northern part of the world.
The recipe: take the northern icy water, renovate an old genuine ice breaker ship, serve good traditional meal on it, break the real 50-100 cm thick ice to hear the noise, ensure special dressing for swimming in the icy sea, and a multi-facted experience is ready for tourists.
As the founder of the first university study program for tourism and being the first Professor on this field in Lapland he considers this international week and tourism conference as a milestone on the way toward success. He hopes that we can meet next year again.

Few toughts about the International Week

Our first International Week at the Department of Tourism between 23-30  September, 2009  came to an end.

Among the presentations were held on 23-24 September you could find:

  • Sightseeing resorts in Central Europe
  • Factors affecting the tourism demand in Poland
  • Tourist ice breaker – how to float in icy water of the Arctic Circle
  • How to wander in a swamp in Latvia?
  • Agrotouristic farms in Lower Silesia
  • Where is Palanga?
  • Where can we stay in a Concord shape hotel?

On 23 September, Wednesday evening we had the opportunity to participate at a Turkish night, when Osman Nuri Özdogan our Turkish visiting professor talked about his country. After the presentation there was everything you can wish for, like belly-dancing, national cakes, apple tea.
The first day of the tourism conference was opened by Prof. Ádám Török’s presentation titled: “The International Tableau of Competitiveness of National Economies – Rankings and Performances”. It was followed by 16 interesting presentations held in 2 sections. The day was finished by Professor Christine Ennew from the U.K on Marketing Competitiveness: Competitive Marketing. The participants spent the evening in the Dubniczay Palace where everybody played interactive games in connection with the art treasure of the museum.
On Saturday we listened to more 12 interesting presentations. After lunch we set off to explore Balatonfüred, the abbey in Tihany followed by wine tasting in Pécsely.
On 28 September we held a Malaysian night where all the interested people could see a photo exhibition of Malaysia, taste fruit basket and Malaysian cocktail, make origami.
During our Japanese Night we could enjoy a Karate Show, an interesting speech of Norbert dr. Kávási about ”From the research laboratory to the jungle”. All of our International Nights were very popular among students.
On 28-30 September, Volker Letzner the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Economics Univeristy of Munich held a 3-day course  about cultural tourism in German.

We would like to thank the Organizers and the Presenters of this excellent International Week.

See you next year!

World Travellers’ Club – Namibia



A slide show by Dr.Candy Fresacher

07. October, 2009.
19:00 Diákcentrum (DC)

From its desert regions, to its animals, to its peoples, Namibia is a country of many shades of brown. The Namib and the Kalahari deserts make life in the south difficult. The sand dunes on one part of the coast– the highest in the world at Sousselvi – also make life difficult, not to mention the rest of the Skelton Coast where shipwrecks abound. Maybe that is why Namibia is the second least populated country in the world. But the land has a beauty and the country a simplicity that make it extraordinary. Said to be the “Africa for beginners” this peaceful country has a good infrastructure and that makes it a place where the individual can travel alone or as a group. Join me to see its sites and animals and learn more about why this country is not just about simple blacks and whites.

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