Name: Lajos MAGYAR

Title:Honorary PhD

Department: Department of Management


  • maintenance case studies

Year of birth: 1952


  • mechanical engineer / production technologist, system analyst

Academic degree: Honorary PhD

Language Skills:

  • English (basic)

Fields of Research:

  • 2013 – TVK Nyrt. (MOL Petrochemical) LDPE-2 ultra high pressure reactor tube testing with Metal Magnetic Memory (MMM) method.
  • 2013 – The Pilot Project of the Budapest Transport Company, M3 METRO, with Metal Magnetic Memory (MMM)
  • 2013 – Columbian Tiszai Koromgyártó Kft. (Birla Carbon Hungary Kft.) Tread 2B line’s rotary dryer non-magnetizable corrosion resistant casing with Metal Magnetic Memory (MMM) method.
  • 2008-2009 – RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT project at MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. Complex Investigation of Generator Auxiliary Oil System


  • 2015 National Maintenance Strategy / co-author (see: Hungarian Industrial Maintenance Organization website)
  • 1988-2018 Lectures / publications at the Veszprém International Participation Maintenance Conference (see: Annual Conference Announcements)


Project Experience:

  • Appropriate experience and knowledge in the field of oil, petrochemical, ultra high pressure (3500 bar) technologies and in condition monitoring and maintenance strategies in the power generation industry, in particular of polyolefin production and power plants, rotary machines, pressure vessels and pipelines. Strong commitment to industrial, human and environmental safety, quality work, and responsible social behavior.

Scientific membership:

  • Board Member of the Hungarian Industrial Maintenance Organization, Chairman of the Equipment Intensive Work Group
  • Expert of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers (Registration number: 01-6849)

Areas of expertise:

  • G-D-32 Chemical Machinery and Equipment
  • G-K-20 Installation Technology
  • G-K-22 Production Programming
  • G-K-24 Quality Assurance
  • G-K-25 Manufacturing Plant, Factory Design
  • G-K-26 Technology Installation

Phone: +36 20 9446 596


Office hours: after the lecture in a previously confirmed time