borító_angol_2Job Descriptions Workbook and Resource Book by university associate professor Dr. Beáta Sz. G. Pató was published in English in 2014 by Pearson publishing company. It was also published in Hungarian by Pannon Egyetemi Kiadó. The author recommends the workbook to students and professionals with the following thoughts.

“Dear reader!

If you have ever had the intention to create a job description as an employer or employee, the first thing was probably a deep breath, then you tried to think about how to get started. You must also have thought about how a document, which satisfies both the employer and employee can be complied. After setting this aim, the only question left in your mind was: how can it be prepared? What should it look like? What information should it contain? What is absolutely essential? What can be omitted from it? The answers to these questions are far from simple, and can probably be found in practice and corporate objectives.

The aim of this book is to provide an image of the job descriptions used in practice. The job descriptions at different organisations and corporations may show structural and content related differences. Each and every organisation can have a different purpose with the job descriptions. At the same time, the different conditions and opportunities of application at the organisations determine the preparation and usage of job descriptions.

This book was written for experienced human resource managers as well as for those who wish to have a deeper insight of the world of job descriptions, both for BSc and MSc students. This book is also useful for employers and employees. The workbook and resource book can be a starting point for the understanding and usage of job descriptions. The book contains material and tasks which may lead to the critical review of job descriptions.

Having finished the exercises in the book, the active reader acquires such routine and professional experience that they will be able to:

– make suggestions about the contents and structures of the job description for different purposes
– compile a job description
– introduce, apply and enforce the job description
– manage the documents of the job description
– effectively participate in human resource management by preparing job descriptions

In the book several “real” corporate job descriptions are introduced, for which a number of exercises were created.  The reader gets deeper and broader knowledge, experience and routine of job descriptions by solving tasks and studying job descriptions step by step. The reader is given the pleasure of recognition and the experience of discovery while the knowledge is carved in their minds through practical examples. After reading and analysing numerous corporate job descriptions, the reader will have a wide repertoire of the possible ways of creating job descriptions, which will make them capable of preparing their independent job descriptions which are adjusted to business goals.

I wish you success and efficient work to use this book!”