japán plakát…. will be our last evening program during the first International Week organized by the Department of  Tourism

29. September, 2009
from 18:00 | Hotel Magister Conference Room

We would like to invite you to this event, which program schedule is the following:

18:00 Opening
18:30 Karate show (by László Papp – a student of University of Pannonia)
19:00 Very interesting lecture of Norbert dr. Kávási about Japan: ”From the research laboratory to the jungle”, by which you can get an insight of the life of Japan’s nigh clubs, its special gastronomy and into the world of the country’s untouched rainforest
21:00 Tea-time with a surprise Japanese speciality
21:30 Creative corner: Sudoku, origami and skilful games
22:30 Anime screening