japén est harcOn 29 September we had a great opportunity to participate at a very special night. For a whole night we ‘were’ in Japan. The program started with the Japanese fighting art show and the audience watched it with great attention and fascination. It was awesome.

The show was followed by a unique presentation of Norbert Kávási Dr., displaying pictures of his own. There was not a moment when we felt like we were sitting at a usual lecture. Of course, it was due to the fact that we got an insight into Japan not by a very strictly designed performance. The audience did not feel cramped, they were free to ask questions from the lecturer and he also liked involving the participants into his memories.

After the lecture, lasting a little bit over than 2 hours, came what the organisers feared the most: the sushi and green tea tasting. Even though they knew the Japanese food was not exactly what it should have been, they still tried to bring the most of it out. Judged by several visitors, it was quite good. There was not a negative feedback, or probably the people might have held it back, not to hurt their feelings. Anyway, the food and drink disappeared within 5 minutes.

The rest of the evening was devoted to playing Japanese games, organizing competitions. The evening ended with watching an anime movie ’Miyazaki’s Spirited Away’, by the famous Japanese director, Hayao Miyazaki. Visitors could also make origami, and play with sudoku, picking rice with sticks and playing mahjong.
It was really worth to “go to Japan”.

Picture –  http://startutazas.hu