INTRENATIONAL WEEKThe main aim of this week is to can get a deeper insight into tourism related topics led by internationally recognized tourism experts. Our presenters are the representatives of the tourism industry from all round the world. We would like to invite all students who are eager to meet professionals from Poland, Malaysia, Turkey, Finland, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Austria, England, Australia and would like to listen to facinating tourism talks. We intend to draw the students’ attention to the importance of the study-abroad programs. During this week students are provided with the opportunity to attend various presentations of foreign lecturers and they have the chance to get to know numerous recognized lecturers from our partner institutions, where students of the University of Pannonia can study in the framework of an Erasmus program.

Programmes during the International Week:

(All the courses are free for everybody, join us!)

23. September, 2009 – Wednesday

08:00-10:00 A7 – Sightseeing resorts in Central Eurpoe accoriding to tourist guides
Marta Goralewicz-Drozdowska from Poland

08:00-10:00 A04 – Factors affecting the tourism demand in Poland
Malgorzata Lesniak-Johann from Poland

08:00-10:00 A02 – Catering in event management
Kamsina Abu Bakar  from Malayzia

10:00-12:00 A7 – The use of the Internet technology as a promotional tool of municipalities
Andrzej Tucki from Poland

12:00-14:00 A7 – Tourist ice breaker
Seppo Aho from Finland

14:00-16:00 A03 – Rural tourism
Emese Panyik from Portugal

16:00-18:00 A3 – Agroturistic farms in Lower Silesia – the creation, development, future
Wojciech Maciejewski  from Poland

24. September, 2009  (Thursday)

08:00-10:00  N101 –  Catering in event management
Kamsina Abu Bakar  from Malayzia

14:00-16:00 A6 – Tourism marketing, destination management, tourism spatial structures
Andris Klepers from Latvia

14:00-16:00 A2- Turkey, Turkish economy and tourism
Osman Nuri Ozdogan from Turkey

16:00-18:00 A01 – Sustainability pronciples for seaside resort management
Ramunas Povilanskas from Lithuania

25-26. September, 2009.

Tourism Competitiveness Conference – REGISTRATION NECESSARY at with name, neptun code, and the required day and theme

Program of the conference  can be found here.

28-30. September, 2009   (Monday-Wednesday)

Weltkulturerbe im Tourismus
Volker Letzner from Germany

Termine: Mo-Di  14:00-20:00 Raum: A04
Mi 09:00-14:00 Raum: A04

International Nights

  • Turkish Night
    23. September, 2009
    18:00-24:00    Central Dormitory
  • Malaysian Night
    28. September, 2009
    18:00-24:00 DC Pub
  • Japanese Night
    29. September, 2009
    18:00-24:00 Hotel Magister