Welcome meeting for international students

The Faculty of Business and Economics is pleased to announce that the first group of international students of the spring semester has arrived to Veszprém. The welcome meeting was held on 4th February 2014, where students were provided with essential and useful information on the university and faculty, the educational system, the subjects and courses, and of course on the services and free time opportunities at and around the university. ERASMUS mentors actively participated in the gathering as well. The meeting was held in a friendly atmosphere, participants were sipping tea and coffee while interactively discussing the key elements of having a successful semester.

The international students of the spring semester come from Germany, Lithuania, Poland, the Netherlands, Slovakia and Turkey with either the ERASMUS or CEEPUS programme. Some international students of the last semester enjoyed their stay so much, that they decided to stay with us for the spring semester too; they are from Latvia and from Poland.