International Week and International Afternoon

During the days of the International Week in autumn well-known guest lecturers come from various countries to share their knowledge and to hold exciting presentations. This week spices up the semester and may even provide opportunities for new international contacts and professional relationships. In each March the International Afternoon is organised. This professional and cultural event provides information on international opportunities, scholarships, internships and work. And this is also a time when international students share their culture through presentations, performances, talks and in any form they prefer.


World Travellers’ Club

Travel around the world with your favourite mug in your hands! World Travellers’ Club organises presentations on different countries and destinations twice a month. Seeing the marvellous pictures on the slideshow you can feel yourself travelling, while sitting in a comfy chair and sipping a nice cup of tea.


Cultural life

The University of Pannonia has always emphasised the importance of cultural events. As a programme organiser, the university actively contributes to the enrichment of the cultural life of Veszprém. The buildings of the university provide a venue for cultural programmes like guitar evenings, movie nights, classical and pop concerts or even exhibitions. There are around 50 volunteer, self–motivated teams at the university in all kinds of activities like dancing, singing, making trips around Hungary. One of the representatives of the cultural life in English is the American Corner Veszprém, which is the meeting point of English-speakers. Besides focusing on educational, cultural and business issues in connection with the USA, they organize conferences, meetings, exhibitions, workshops, cultural events and performances all in English.


Festivals at the university:

Balaton Regatta, the rowing contest on Lake Balaton be­tween the Veszprém campus and the Kes­zthely campus has been organised each May since 1998. The idea came from the famous Oxford-Cambridge contest on the Thames in London. The boats have been specifically designed for the Balaton, 11 m long with the 10 rowers able to reach speeds of up to 15 km/h. The Balaton Re­gatta is always a popular event because a mini festival is organised around the con­test. After the races, cultural and musical programmes entertain the visitors.

VEN (=Veszprém University Days) has been organised since 1969, which become a real music and cultural festival. Lately more than 20 different bands, singers, DJ’s and performers entertain the students every year in spring. The main attraction is the competition of the Student Rector Nominees with their VEN teams. The high point of the festival is the appointment of the new Student Rector. There is only one way to describe these days: FUN, FUN, FUN!