Tasks of the Research Centre (RC)

  • Coordination of research projects
  • Support of scientific publication activity
  • Coordination, assessment and support of participation at scientific conferences

Performing the above tasks, the RC proposes:

  • to support scientific activities, namely
    • support of research teams (team building, participation in research from external sources or in international research workshops)
    • support of individual research activities (participation at international conferences, increasing foreign publication activities, research costs)
  • to edit and publish works presenting leading scientific results
  • to organize national and international scientific conferences

Related to the tasks the RC offers consultancy for the faculty management and the interested educators and students concerning

  • scientific usability of business research (e.g. on innovation)
  • participation of educators at scientific conferences
  • scientific publication potential of the educators
  • students’ research

Research activity of the RC can cover the following areas:

  • network research
  • R&D and competitiveness
  • managements studies
  • marketing (consumer behavior)
  • international economic relations (European integration)
  • tourism
  • methodology and economic informatics
  • regional studies etc.