Our first International Week at the Department of Tourism between 23-30  September, 2009  came to an end.

Among the presentations were held on 23-24 September you could find:

  • Sightseeing resorts in Central Europe
  • Factors affecting the tourism demand in Poland
  • Tourist ice breaker – how to float in icy water of the Arctic Circle
  • How to wander in a swamp in Latvia?
  • Agrotouristic farms in Lower Silesia
  • Where is Palanga?
  • Where can we stay in a Concord shape hotel?

On 23 September, Wednesday evening we had the opportunity to participate at a Turkish night, when Osman Nuri Özdogan our Turkish visiting professor talked about his country. After the presentation there was everything you can wish for, like belly-dancing, national cakes, apple tea.
The first day of the tourism conference was opened by Prof. Ádám Török’s presentation titled: “The International Tableau of Competitiveness of National Economies – Rankings and Performances”. It was followed by 16 interesting presentations held in 2 sections. The day was finished by Professor Christine Ennew from the U.K on Marketing Competitiveness: Competitive Marketing. The participants spent the evening in the Dubniczay Palace where everybody played interactive games in connection with the art treasure of the museum.
On Saturday we listened to more 12 interesting presentations. After lunch we set off to explore Balatonfüred, the abbey in Tihany followed by wine tasting in Pécsely.
On 28 September we held a Malaysian night where all the interested people could see a photo exhibition of Malaysia, taste fruit basket and Malaysian cocktail, make origami.
During our Japanese Night we could enjoy a Karate Show, an interesting speech of Norbert dr. Kávási about ”From the research laboratory to the jungle”. All of our International Nights were very popular among students.
On 28-30 September, Volker Letzner the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Economics Univeristy of Munich held a 3-day course  about cultural tourism in German.

We would like to thank the Organizers and the Presenters of this excellent International Week.

See you next year!