Németh Petra“I am fortunate to be spending the first semester of the school year 2010/11 in Derby in the United Kingdom. The University of Derby offers more than 200 different courses from Fashion Studies to Zoology. The most important aim of my stay is to take courses and conduct research to support my PhD thesis. The University of Derby is very hospitable for international students, with a group of people who are eager to help everybody in any situation (help is really needed for example during the enrolment process and signing in for subjects). The University is
perfectly equipped to fulfil my goals, students have access to a lot of electronic articles and even e-books in the library and through the University system from anywhere and everywhere. According to my experience lecturers prefer essays and presentations to tests and exams which requires more research and  promotes a different type of study. The attendance at classes is compulsory and students spend a lot of time in the library and the learning centre preparing the essays and presentations.
This University seems to be an excellent place to accomplish my purpose!”  by Petra Németh-Gyurácz