Edit Komlósi

Edit Komlósi

Emotional intelligence as an important 21st century competence:

Which wolf do you feed?

3-4-5 October, 2014 Veszprém

“All learning has an emotional base”-said Plato. When learning has a positive outcome unconsciously we smile and feel satisfied or even proud. On the other hand negative outcome makes us sad, frustrated or even angry. To express and control our emotions is innate, but can it be learnt how to understand, interpret and respond to the miscellaneous impulses? You can have extremely high IQ and be an expert in your field but with whom and how would you share your feelings? What makes you happy? Why would you volunteer? What makes you perform better?
In the interactive plenary I am going to explain the concept of emotional intelligence and attempt to answer to these questions by introducing the results of some research that have been carried out recently. Moreover the secret of long and content life is revealed spiced with a little emotional “mirror drama”.

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Written by Edit Komlósi, Department of Management