Name: Dr. Beáta Sz.G. PATÓ, PhD, habil

Department: Department of Supply Chain Management



Job: University of Pannonia,  Department of Supply Chain Management; Associate Professor

Scientific degree: PhD (2007); University of Pannonia, Doctoral School of Management and Organization, University of Pannonia, PhD Doctoral Dissertation: Competences, Tasks in Logistics Systems

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Main research area:


Dr. Beáta Sz.G. Pató’s publications are available here >>>

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Research done in the framework of the Production and Logistics Research Workshop of the Economics Faculty of the University of Pannonia:

Phone: (88) 624-645

Room: A/130

E-mail: szucs.beata@gtk.uni-pannon.hu

Office hours: Monday 14:00-15:00 (A/130)