We asked some of our Erasmus students how they like Comprehensive Business Studies course at the Faculty of Economics this semester.

You can read the answers below.

lányok eras” I really like this class. In my opinion it was one of the best subjects available during the semester. I appriciate the most an attitude of the teacher, who tried involved all the students. We had opportunity to express our point of view and work in groups as well. Topics were interesting and explained in a clear and uderstandable way. We worked with handouts prepared by the teacher and all the materials were available for us. I also liked the fact that we could choose an additional task (tour, visiting company or presentation)- we could choose the best solution for us. After this course I know the basic economics notions and I can use them in English in a proper way.

It was a really good decision to take this course because I learnt a lot and I had a great time.” Marika Skubiszewska  from Poland

“Classes were conducted in small group which helped focus and mobilized to work. Ms. Edit is very charismatic – these were the only one classes where I was active. The method of conducting classes I liked because they were very interesting.”  Edyta Bochenek from Poland

” I am glad I chose this subject because I learnt a lot of vocabulary during this class. The different topics seen during the lessons were interesting. I like the way of teaching (participation, teamwork) even if some students didn’t take part in the discussons. ” Marion Robert from France