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Winners of the International Week 2013

Dear Students!
Thank you for taking part in the International Week 2013. We hope you enjoyed the programmes and could gain useful information which you can use in the future.
Should you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact the Centre of Marketing and International Relations at

Attend the International Week and WIN!


International Week 2013 – Programme


International Week (24-28.09.2012)

Poster by Péter Volf

Poster by Péter Volf

September is the time of the International Week! Fourth time has the Faculty of Business and Economics organised the International Week which is one of the semester opening events. During this week students participate in many professional and entertaining programs.

The two main pillars of the professional programs this year were the “Challenges and Promises in International Business” conference and the special lectures that were held within regular classes. The main topic of the conference presented best practices in intercultural communication, finance, strategy, logistics and network design.

Presenting lecturers were many well-known professors, such as Alt Monika Anetta (Universitatea Babes – Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca), Vincenzo Vespri (Universtà degly Studi di Firenze), Taha Bahadir Sarac (Nidge University) and of course our regular visiting lecturers: Candy Fresacher from Austria, Hans-Christian Pfohl from Germany and Nicholas Chandler from the UK. The Faculty’s host presenters were Dr. Lajos Szabó, Dr. Gyula Vastag and Dr. Alan Clarke.

The International Week offered colourful programmes to bring closer international topics. Students could take part in intercultural communication training by AIESEC, take an adventurous ERASMUS journey in Poland with Iván Varga, taste the flavours of a Summer School in Ankara with BEST and receive interesting information about Human Rights through a non-formal education game presented by Márk Szalma. Of course the traditional World Travellers’ Club took part as well. This time Csilla Zelkó guided the audience to the world of Ethiopia.

The International Party – the new program this year – was organised on Tuesday night with the co-operation of DC club where an international themed party awaited the students.

As a closing of this eventful week, on Saturday our international students offered samples of their own national food for the citizens of Veszprém in the downtown.

International Week 2012

nki het plakat1blog

INTERNATIONAL WEEK 2012 and Workshop on International Business:


Best Practices in Intercultural Communication, Finance, Strategy, Logistics and Network Design

on 26th September 2012 at 9 am.

Detailed programme of the workshop.

Detailed programme of the International Week.

VENternational Picnic

VENTARNATIONAL PICNIC6International people + university days (VEN) + games + prizes + free pizza + fun = VENternational Picnic

VENternational Picnic by the Faculty of Economics
26 April 2012, upper campus (VEN- university days)

1.30-2.30 VEN-Sleng, Lithuania, Croatia, Italy
Study sleng and pick-up lines in foreign languages. You might need them once… 🙂

2.30pm-3pm Games without borders by AIESEC
Fun competition for the first prize!

3pm-3.30pm Giant nine men’s morris
Team up and destroy the enemy! by BEST

3.30pm-4pm International Music Jam,
Bring your instruments and play with us! Bring guitars, drums, pots and spoon…..everything you can make noise with! by ESN

4pm-5pm Pizza and Chat with the American Corner.
Topic: Study/work abroad.
Let’s talk while having a nice pizza and some drink.

The programs are free!

US Study Abroad Fair International Education Week


US Study Abroad Fair International Education Week

November 18, 2011, Friday, 2 pm – 6 pm
Location: Veszprem, Komakut ter 3.
Eotvos Karoly County Library and Cultural Institute
Nagy Laszlo & Kisfaludy Conference Room, Second Floor

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm Writing Workshop
The WW will present the basics of crafting a resume/CV, application essays and other type of academic writing.
Presentation by Fulbright ETA, Tyler Askew
Location: Nagy Laszlo Room

3:00 pm – 4:00 pm Fulbright Scholarships to the United States
Presentation by Educational Adviser, Veronika Nagy
Location: Nagy Laszlo Room

3:00 pm – 6:00 pm US Study Abroad Fair
Location: Kisfaludy Room

5:00 pm Raffle of Valuable PrizesJoin us and meet representatives of international education programs!

FS Intercultural Programs Foundation
Nazareth CollegeAmerican Embassy Consular Section
ASSIST for High School Studies
Rutgers University
Wake Forest University
Colgate University Youth for Understanding
Princeton University Fulbright Commission
Bron-Y-Aur CCUSA
EducationUSA American Corners Hungary
University of Iowa Carnegie Mellon University
Utah State University

Free buffet and raffle ticket to all participants!
Attendance is free but pre-registration is kindly requested!

More information:
American Corner Veszprém Tel: 06-88-560-600,

November 18, 2011, Friday, 2 pm – 6 pm
Location: Veszprem, Komakut ter 3.
Eotvos Karoly County Library and Cultural Institute

International Week Updated Programme

Click on the picture.

Click on the picture.

Here is the latest version of the International Week Programme.

Please double-check the time and venue of the lecture You would like to attend. We had to make some changes.

International Week

International Week 2011

Click on the picture.

And here it comes again: one of the most interesting week of the semester. Now take your calendar and a nice red pen and mark: September 26th-30th.

This is the week when well-known lecturers are coming to the Faculty of Economics from:

the United Kingdom,





The topics of the lectures are from the field of applied economics, management, economics, finance, international economics.

The night of magic…

török11Once upon a time there was an International Week at our University. Some students at the Faculty of Economics organised a Turkish Night. This Night began at 6 p.m. on 23rd September.
At first we watched some hungarian folk-tales. Noticing the Turkish concerns in the Hungarian folk-tales was very interesting. We saw fascinating pictures and short videos equally about Turkey, the plateau, tall hills and mountain ranges, a seacoast and sure about the people, who live there, and their culture. We watched exciting image films about this interesting country.
During the programme Asst.Prof.Dr. Osman Nuri Özdoĝan Turkish lecturer (The representative of Adnan Menderes University School of Tourism and Hotel Management institution) presented us Turkey in English. From the lecture we enriched our cultural, religious and tourism knowledge about Turkey. The Professor talked about the everyday life of the people who lives there, habits, a religion with surprising openness, from the country’s industry, its agricultural activity, moreover about the car manufacturing.
The International Folk Dance Club’s (Jó Hangulat Klub) dance instructor heightened the mood after the lecture. Everybody enthusiastically formed a circle in order to learn some Turkish traditional folk round dances. The Turkish Erasmus students showed it how to dance the real Turkish belly dance.
Then we played quiz. Participants formed groupes and the competition started. Naturally this programme was passed in a friendly mood and we laughed a lot. Many of Erasmus students attended the Turkish night, thus we played the quiz in two languages, in Hungarian and in English.The questions were about Turkey and we were happy to see several correct answers. All of us took delight in the turkish exchange student’s win because she got a Faculty of Economics souvenir.
During the night we had some problems, after all the lecturer and Erasmus students gave full marks to the organizer team on the Night.

Written by the orianizers of the Turkish night…

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