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University of Pannonia
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IMPORTANT! Information regarding distance education

Dear Students,

Please note that the University of Pannonia will conduct all official communication through the NEPTUN system. For smooth operation, please make sure that the email address entered in NEPTUN is the one you are checking in a regular basis.

Students who are not staying at their permanent or temporary address for the remainder of the semester are kindly requested to keep their notification address up to date on NEPTUN (within 72 hours). Our goal is to seek government assistance to overcome the difficulties in those regions where distance education is not possible.

If you have not done is thus far, please activate your central directory account at, as this ID will provide you access to university systems in the future.

Our lecturers will notify you in what form distance education will take place in the case of their courses, as soon as possible. It is expected that the online courses will be taught through the following educational system, so we encourage you to try:

We recommend and support Skype for secondary group activities. After activating your account with your university email address at, you can join by creating a Microsoft account.

Lecturers may use additional systems that are specific to the course, in this case they will provide additional information.

Please note that the “Special Needs Student Application” in the NEPTUN System is still open!

If you have an infrastructural problem with distance education (e.g. no broadband internet connection at notification address and/or lack of equipment necessary for distance education), please contact us (, (88) 624-000/6245).

It is in our common interest to complete the current semester successfully, therefore we count on your cooperative attitude as well. Please help us disseminating official information to your fellow students as much as you can.

Rector and Chancellor’s joint information circular No. 2/2020. (III.12.)

Rector and Chancellor’s joint information circular No. 2/2020. (III.12.)

  • The rector and chancellor of the University of Pannonia hereby inform the citizens of the University of Pannonia with respect to the state of emergency announced by the Hungarian government on March 11th 2020:
  • Students of the University of Pannonia are not allowed to visit the reading-rooms of the Central Library and Archives (CLA-Veszprém) and of the Georgikon Library and Archives (GLA-Keszthely) starting from March 12th 2020 for an indefinite period of time. To facilitate learning, borrowing books is still allowed but students are advised to contact the library in writing in advance so that the borrowing procedure should be as smooth and swift as possible.
  • Employees of the University are allowed to visit and use the services of the library during the shutdown period.
  • The loan period of books that would expire after March 12th 2020 will be extended until June 30th
  • Students participating in dual study programmes are allowed to accomplish their external pratical training in case their workplace does not prohibit this.
  • Student ID’s validated with a 2019/2020 1st semester sticker will be accepted by transportation services after March 31st 2020 up to 15 days after the termination of the state of emergency caused by the virus outbreak.
  • Personal office routines concerning study matters are temporarily The Neptun system is continuously fully operational. Our Directorate of Academic Affairs is available for all students for office routines via telephone and on line.

March 12th 2020. Veszprém

Dr. András Gelencsér

Zsolt Csillag

Rector and Chancellor’s joint decree

Rector and Chancellor’s joint decree No. 1/2020. (III.11.)

The rector and chancellor of the University of Pannonia hereby issue the following decree with respect to the state of emergency announced by the Hungarian government on March 11th 2020:

  • We order a special break for teaching activities for the days of Thursday and Saturday, March 12-14th 2020.
  • We order a special spring break between March 16-21th. We call our students not to travel abroad during this spring break if possible but they are to stay at their places of residence.
  • Students are not permitted on campus starting from March 12th 2020 until the withdrawal of the current order.
  • Student with a Hungarian citizenship are to leave the dormitories not later than 16:00 o’clock on Friday, March 13th 2020.
  • International students are permitted to continuously stay in the dormitories.
  • In the upcoming days, the leadership of the university will determine under what circumstances and in what forms teaching is permitted to commence starting from March 23rd 2020.
  • All faculty and staff of the university are to continue their work on campus.
  • Starting from today, no event on the university campuses regardless of the number of participants will be permitted to take place until further notice, all previously issued permits for any events are hereby withdrawn.

March 11th 2020, Veszprém

Dr. András Gelencsér

Zsolt Csillag

Internship possibility at The University of Macerata (Italy)

EUM – Macerata University Press (Italy) is looking for trainees for the academic year 2019/2020.

The main activities that the candidates will carry out are:

– support to admin staff to fill in agreements and to manage authors’ rights;

– support for the activities of editing, lay-out, proofreading and production of e-books;

– support to admin staff in the distribution of new titles and publications;

– support for the implementation of EUM communication channel (website, social networks);

– support for the organization of events.

Each candidate must satisfy the following requirements:

– to have a scholarship by their home institution, within the Erasmus+ Traineeships or KA1 Programmes;

– to have a good command of English as well as a basic knowledge of the Italian language (the knowledge of any other European Language will be a plus);

– to have basic ICT skills.


If you are interested in an internship at Macerata University Press, please send us the attached form duly filled in, a CV in English or in Italian, possibly in a .pdf format, a motivation letter in English or Italian.

The trainee will normally work from 9 AM to 2 PM, from Monday to Friday (except on Christmas holidays in December and Summer holidays in August).
Please note that we are not able to guarantee any financial support.


For more information about our University or the city of Macerata, you can visit the following websites:

University Home page:

EUM Macerata University Press Home page:

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to send an e-mail to

Click here to download the application form>>>


Knowledge Management course – Feedbacks

Professor Constantin Bratianu’s Knowledge Management courseProf. Constantin Bratianu held an intensive Knowledge Management course for the students of Faculty of Business and Economics and the ERASMUS students of University of Pannonia between 21 and 25 September 2015. Here are few feedbacks regarding the course from the students.

Balogh Edina (Human Resources, bachelor):

“It was a nice course, the professor was kind, direct and open minded from the very first second. My personal favourite aspect of the course was that we needed to get back to our rusty high school studies – refresh the terms that we have already learned once before. The other thing: the professor shared us many interesting examples from his life, his own experiences – which made understanding much easier. It was great to meet such a globetrotter, I’ve learnt so much about different cultures, and I want to learn more on my own, get such experiences as the professor.”

Yana Dimitrova (Tourism Department-Erasmus, MSc):

“It was a genuine pleasure and honor for me to attend Professor Bratianu’s course in Knowledge Management. He was a guest lecturer in the Tourism Department at the University of Pannonia for 1 week. During the classes we spent considerable time learning new things and experiences. Professor Bratianu’s presentation was very educative and beneficial for increasing our knowledge not just in the field of management but also in life as general. He was very much a people person, easy going and always attentive to our questions. I have no hesitation in recommending Professor Bratianu for any management-related teachings, training and practices. I feel confident he would be an asset to every university and academic organization.”

Course 2. Hegyi Szabina (Business Administration and Management, bachelor):

“In my opinion, the most interesting story was when Professor Bratianu told about story of cultural differences between Europeans and Americans. I liked the picture in the whole curriculum and lots of interesting things from Professor Bratianu for example he loves to travel the world.”

Horváth Zsanett (Applied Economics, bachelor):

“I really liked the knowledge management course. Professor Bratianu was very sympathetic, competent and knowledgeable. There were a lot of interesting stories about the professors personal experiences, which made the course really interesting. My favourite story is: „Hospitality and greeting forms”. I really appreciate taking part in such a good course.”

Péter Martina (Technical Management, BSc):

“I really liked the way the professor’s lecture and the lessons were very interactive. The teacher was interested in our beliefs as well and there are many interesting things we learned in the curriculum and in addition to talking about personal experiences as well. My favourite story is: ‘Two men and bear”- it is an istructive story. I am pleased to attend this course and I got to know a new way of thinking. Thank you!”

Course 3.Mohlasz Anita (Tourism and catering, bachelor):

“I actually do not have any negative feedback about this course. I liked the way of Prof. Constantin Bratianu talking. People could feel he is enjoying teaching and share knowledge with us. I found „Knowledge sharing and communities of practice” very interesting topic. He explained the types of knowledge sharing very well to us and before I didn’t even think about this. I learned a lot in that week and I absolutely enjoyed of his teaching. It is funny to say but it was short time for me, I could listen more of his experience, stories and ideas. The other thing I really liked it that he always took his own experience of his life and tried to explain with this way to us. I think with real stories people will remember easier. I can just say positive things.”

Molnár Réka (Technical Management, BSc):

Professor Bratianu is a really inspiring person and teacher. His stories were amazing; from places, where he was, from people, who he met etc. On the slide were many photos of his adventure, and it was really interesting. It was exceptional to participate on this course.

Sárkány Orsolya (Business Administration and Management, bachelor):

I liked the knowledge management course because throw new light upon knowledge and knowledge management. The course was very interesting to me because the professor not only talked about definition and theory but interesting story. And the professor was very kind and helpful. In my opinion the most interesting lecture was the emotional knowledge and in this I like the iceberg metaphor, where we knew the explicit and tacit knowledge connection.

Barka Fanni (Business Administration and Management, bachelor):

I can just say positive things about this course. The teacher Prof. Constantin Bratianu is inspiring teacher who helpful and friendly. He loves his job and it is very important. He has very amazing stories, pictures and adventures which are shared with us. His class was different than other classes I really enjoyed it. I learned a lot of new thing about knowledge (when I changed to switched my brain  ) and other cultures. Thank you very much, it was very interesting and gaiety week.

Courses in Foreign Languages

For the Courses in Foreign Languages for Academic Semester 2015/16/I. autumn click here!

(Latest update: 17.09.2015)

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