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University of Pannonia
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Challenges to the Global Political Economy Conference

KépkivágásThe International Association for Political Science Students along is inviting you to be part of the 6th IAPSS Academic Conference. The Academic Conference will take place from September 27th to October 1st 2013 in Budva, Montenegro.

The topic of the Conference is “Challenges to Global Political Economy”

The deadline to register for the Academic Conference is 5th August 2013. Please refer to

to apply for the conference.

The three main topics that we will elaborate on during the three days of this conference are:
The aim of Political Economy and International Economic Relations – traditional approaches and criticisms of the traditional divide and the relationship between democracy and markets, global markets and international competition;
The link between the socio-economic model and financial crises – the regulatory reform, how they develop and how they could be prevented;
Solutions to emerging economic problems – The Global Village and the new global economic order

We would be very grateful if you could share this invitation with your colleagues.

If you have more questions, please let us know:
For more information please visit our website:

National Scientific Student Research Projects

otdt1The Economics section of the National Scientific Student Research Projects will be hosted by the Faculty of Business and Economics of University of Pannonia between the 18th and 20th of April 2013.

This is one of the most prestigious events organised for students studying economics from all over the country, where they can present the results of their researches. Participating in this conference is usually mentioned as the first step to be a successful expert in any economic field in the future.

The National Scientific Student Research Projects is held in every 2nd year in 16 different disciplines in different locations. The conference in this year already broke couple records: approximately 650 research projects are nominated which is the highest number during the history of the event. It also means that more than 760 students from 32 universities will arrive to Veszprém to present their research results.

For the Faculty the quality of the conference is the most important. Their goal is to give an unforgettable positive experience for the participants.

After the scientific part of the conference the students and professors can enjoy the offered cultural program. One of the special guests will be Csaba Vastag, the winner of the X-Factor Hungary in 2010 and the student of the Faculty, Péter Rozsnyói jazz pianist, the Caffé Bambini and the Pannon Universitas Band, which bands’ members are students of the university.

The Faculty offers a new opportunity this year: visitors can do sightseeing in the regular way or by using QR codes.

International Week 2012

nki het plakat1blog

INTERNATIONAL WEEK 2012 and Workshop on International Business:


Best Practices in Intercultural Communication, Finance, Strategy, Logistics and Network Design

on 26th September 2012 at 9 am.

Detailed programme of the workshop.

Detailed programme of the International Week.

Faculty’s delegation at the ITB Berlin

Berlin_2011_csoportEight Faculty members of the Tourism Department took part in the 3-days-long very informative and inspiring Convention days of ITB Berlin in March. The ITB, the world’s largest tourism trade fair lasted 5 days in Berlin and attracted guests from all over the world. Over 11,000 exhibitors from 188 countries were eager to offer their services by helping consumers to find the best lodging, plan personal destination trips and take advantage of a variety of tours and activities. About 170,000 visitors attended the fair this year. The visitors were offered the opportunity to learn about current travel trends of the travel industry.  This year’s main topics were sustainability, innovation, eco-mobility, social responsibility and new opportunities in social media in connection with tourism. Our small group divided itself in order to be present at most of the professional programmes and after arriving home we shared our experience with each other and with our colleagues who could not participate at the fair. For me, this program was a special experience, so I suggest all of you to take part in this unique event where “the top knowledge is free of charge.”

Ali Dadpay from Clayton State University

P1010707Dr. Ali Dadpay from Clayton State University, Atlanta currently teaches at the Faculty of Economics, University of Pannonia. He holds an intensive course named Industrial Organisation which is a unique opportunity for Faculty’s students to learn more, improve their English and get to know another way fo teaching.

Besides the course the visiting professor will take a presentation about his research project titled ‘Gender, Education, Family Structure and Allocation of Labor in Iran’. The presentation starts 13. April 2011. 16.00 in Building B, B205 room.

All the lecturers, colleagues and students of the Faculty are welcome!

Co-creation Conference

On 16-18 September 2010 the Faculty of Economics is going to organise the Co-creation Conference second time. The conference focuses on how the concepts and practices of co-creation impact on tourism development within the Central European region. At the conference we can take part in Hungarian and English professors’ presentations in topics like Tourism Development Policy, (Co)- creation a storm: Globalisation, Meanings and Experience, or Co-Creation and Service innovation and more several topics.

You can find more information here.

If you have fancy to join any of the presentations, please write me an email:

Model European Union Conference

We are pleased to announce you that a Model European Union Conference, hosted by Galatasaray University, will be held for the tenth time from 22 to 27 April 2010 in Istanbul, Turkey. We kindly ask you to inform everybody you think might be interested in participating to this prestigious conference with an educational purpose that conveys the simulation of the main bodies of the European Union by undergraduate and graduate students.

For more information please click on the official invitation letter from the Head of International Relations Department of Galatasaray University,president of the conference, and also a promotion dossier for Conference 2010.

Invitation letter

Few toughts about the International Week

Our first International Week at the Department of Tourism between 23-30  September, 2009  came to an end.

Among the presentations were held on 23-24 September you could find:

  • Sightseeing resorts in Central Europe
  • Factors affecting the tourism demand in Poland
  • Tourist ice breaker – how to float in icy water of the Arctic Circle
  • How to wander in a swamp in Latvia?
  • Agrotouristic farms in Lower Silesia
  • Where is Palanga?
  • Where can we stay in a Concord shape hotel?

On 23 September, Wednesday evening we had the opportunity to participate at a Turkish night, when Osman Nuri Özdogan our Turkish visiting professor talked about his country. After the presentation there was everything you can wish for, like belly-dancing, national cakes, apple tea.
The first day of the tourism conference was opened by Prof. Ádám Török’s presentation titled: “The International Tableau of Competitiveness of National Economies – Rankings and Performances”. It was followed by 16 interesting presentations held in 2 sections. The day was finished by Professor Christine Ennew from the U.K on Marketing Competitiveness: Competitive Marketing. The participants spent the evening in the Dubniczay Palace where everybody played interactive games in connection with the art treasure of the museum.
On Saturday we listened to more 12 interesting presentations. After lunch we set off to explore Balatonfüred, the abbey in Tihany followed by wine tasting in Pécsely.
On 28 September we held a Malaysian night where all the interested people could see a photo exhibition of Malaysia, taste fruit basket and Malaysian cocktail, make origami.
During our Japanese Night we could enjoy a Karate Show, an interesting speech of Norbert dr. Kávási about ”From the research laboratory to the jungle”. All of our International Nights were very popular among students.
On 28-30 September, Volker Letzner the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Economics Univeristy of Munich held a 3-day course  about cultural tourism in German.

We would like to thank the Organizers and the Presenters of this excellent International Week.

See you next year!

International Week at the Tourism Department 23-30th September, 2009.

INTRENATIONAL WEEKThe main aim of this week is to can get a deeper insight into tourism related topics led by internationally recognized tourism experts. Our presenters are the representatives of the tourism industry from all round the world. We would like to invite all students who are eager to meet professionals from Poland, Malaysia, Turkey, Finland, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Austria, England, Australia and would like to listen to facinating tourism talks. We intend to draw the students’ attention to the importance of the study-abroad programs. During this week students are provided with the opportunity to attend various presentations of foreign lecturers and they have the chance to get to know numerous recognized lecturers from our partner institutions, where students of the University of Pannonia can study in the framework of an Erasmus program. (more…)

International Week and International Conference on Competitiveness in Tourism

We are delighted to invite you to the International conference on “Central Europe and Tourism Competitiveness” at the Department of Tourism, University of Pannonia, Veszprém, Hungary, from September 24th- 26th 2009.

The theme of the conference will cover all aspects of competitiveness with special reference to the Central European region. The tourism industry is a key branch of the economy throughout the world. Europe, although enjoying the most intensive visitors flows from all over the world, also faces considerable internal differences in the distribution of both the tourism services and the visitors and their spending. Central and Eastern Europe, diverse in itself, is secondary to the most advance tourism economies of Western-Europe.

This conference aims at investigating the underlying issues of competitiveness, as a broad phenomenon. Taking on a number of aspects and approaches of competitiveness, we envisage a forum for fruitful discussions on the competitiveness of both sub-sectors and tourism products, as well as destinations and business ventures.

Competitiveness is perceived as a dynamic notion. The ability to change and to connect are key features in a globalized and turbulent environment. With ever-faster changing consumer needs and desires, more and experienced and demanding traveler and a globalized competition intensified through the transparency of the Internet, competitiveness means innovation, adaptation and development.

More information is coming soon…

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