Dr. Telcs AndrásScientific advisor at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Associate Professor at Department at Computer Science and Information Theory, Budapest University of Technology and Professor at Department of Quantitative Methods, Faculty of Economics, University of Pannonia Veszprém.

By profession he is mathematician. He won a five years grant (2017-2022) from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences to develop a methodology of a characteristic-sensitive ranking of non-elite universities. The project is carried out at University of Pannonia.

Recently he is involved in computational neuroscience research as a head of a grant winning group at the MTA Wigner Research Center for Physics (granted by the National Brain Program).

His other core research areas are probability theory, stochastic processes, random walks on graph, fractal like structure, but not limited to that. He also pursued research in areas like scientometrics, economy, statistics and data mining of financial data and social networks.

Email: telcs@gtk.uni-pannon.hu