Within Comprehensive Business Studies II course the IX. Presentation Day is organised next week. During the two-day event first on 11 March students from Clayton State University, Atlanta (USA) visit our university and give joint presentations with the students of the Faculty of Economics.

On the second day, 12 March, Hungarian students from all majors introduce an up-to-date topic via economic perspective. (For details click here.)

All professors, students and those who are interested are warmly welcome

American-Hungarian Presentation Day
11. 03. 2015 Veszprém, Conference Centre, Building B II. Floor


8.10-8.25 uploading presentations
8.25-8.30 Introducing Presentation Day by
Dr. Margaret Thompson and Edit Komlósi
8.30-11.45 Presentations and questions, Best Presentation Award
8.30-8.45    Kimberly Bridgett – Zsófia Séllei    Entertainment Industry
8.45-9.00    Sherngtte Sibblies – Eszter Barabás    Internet
9.00-9.15    Gregory Cochran – László Horváth    Banking
9.15-9.30    Jasir Alasmari – Márk Szakos    Healthcare
9.30-9.45    Waleed Bamousa – Petra Fritz    Tourism
9.45-10.00    Richard Wallen – Edina Balogh    Power/Energy Supply
10.00-10.15    Emily Poole – Borbála Kovács    Non-profit organisations
10.15-10.30    Nancy Nguyen – Krisztina Jósvai    Organisational Culture
Coffee Break 10.30.-10.45, sponsored by Clayton State University College of Business.
10.45-11.00    Nic Broughton – Renáta Fritz    Outsourcing
11.00-11.15    Saman Hali – Kinga Szakács    Retail
11.15-11.30    Thuraian Ibnthunaian – Szabina Szili    Education Industry
11.30-11.45    Ahmad Youldash – Kitti Noémi Szür    Human Resources