AytekHello, my name is Aytek from Turkey.
I’m twenty-three year old. I come from Izmir. I study Travel Management at the Tourism Faculty in Muğla University.
My country is really big, crowded and especially the western part is so modern like European countries. Whenever you come to Turkey you can see all the seasons, for example in one day you can ski in the mountains in Antalya and after you can swim in the sea.  I love my country.
In my free time I like playing guitar with my friends, I like swimming, fishing, travelling a lot, trekking and watching good musicians’ concerts. I love music – we have a rock band palying  rock music in Mugla’s popular bars.

I am here for Erasmus but why? :) I have decided  to come here with my friend, Can because his home mates were Erasmus students in Veszprem last year. They told me lot of good things about the life here in Veszprem, the university, the friendships and of course the parties. Now I am learning tourism courses at the Department of Tourism which are luckily not too hard for me so I’ve lot of time to learn Hungarian and to practise it by meeting new people…
I’m happy with my new life here and with my big Erasmus family. I really like Erasmus life.  The only problem that I have here is the weather because in my hometown I haven’t seen minus degree. So this winter’s gonna be really hard for me..

See you – Aytek