Adventi adománygyűjtés a Gazdaságtudományi KaronContinuing the tradition, the Faculty of Business and Economics is organizing fundraising again this year to support the work of the Alex Animal Protection Association of Várpalota. Let’s help those little animals together!

There are many dogs in the refuge who waiting for a real warm-hearted owners. In addition, temporary adopters live with dogs and kittens.

How can you help? With a donation of course!

If you have something you can offer, don’t hesitate! We are waiting for your supplies at the Office A/102 between 2 and 18 of December. (Office hours: Monday-Thursday 9 am to 4pm, Friday 9am to 12 noon)

What would be really needed?

🐾 dog and cat food (dry food, tins, dog salami)

🐾 disinfectant and cleaning products

🐾 rubber gloves

🐾 cat litter…

…and care and love of course ! Therefore, the Association is looking forward to volunteering, who sometimes help to care for the animals, take a walk with them and keep their environment clean. If you feel comfortable and dedicated, the refuge’s door is always open from 9am to 11am.

Let’s make those pet’s Christmas beautiful!

Click here to learn more about the Alex Animal Protection Association and their little protege! >>>