DubniczayOrganized by the Tourism Department, the International Tourism Conference visited by many lecturers from Hungary and abroad took place in September . After the first tiring day the organizers invited the visitors for dinner and a surprise program in the Dubniczay Palace. After the arrival we were welcomed by a lovely speech of Mr. PORGA Gyula, the Deputy Mayor of Veszprém. To ensure the cheery atmosphere, we were offered the national drink, a homemade pear “pálinka”. During the smorgasbord dinner we had the opportunity to have a nice chat to get to know each other a bit more.
The dinner was followed by a surprise program, which proved to be great for opening  the participants’ fantasy. We had to form groups and were led into a dark room where the groups had to observe the beauty of  art by torch. When the lights were turned on, we came to realize that the piece of art entitled to be a guitar, did not picture a guitar in reality . Other teams observing abilities were excellent too .The art entitled “The lovers” was perpetuated at their most intimate moment and drew a great interest among the participants.
The next task also proved to be stimulating. The teams had to tell stories generated by the pictures they had seen, which also suggested that these people possesed vivid fantasy. We heard the story of the sad girl, whose clothes were stolen and whose gooses were diverted while she was swimming in the lake, the story of the three frogs, which played music on the ship “Titanic”, the story of the couple who wanted to visit a ‘competitive destination’ with their donkey, but was not let into the “non allergic hotel”. The “mooing” and “huiing” of the shepherd boy, who woke up among cows in the morning, was also brilliantly demonstrated by the lecturers.
Before the last task, we had to climb up to the attic to take part in the game. We had to pair upthe interesting 20th century work of arts  with the funniest – and of course absolutely not fitting- titles.
No wonder that the program was a great success among the participants, because these neat games were truly enjoyable. We were also surprised to see that even these serious grown-up lecturers stand on the ground at entertaining their audience.

Image: www.ingatlanok.hu

(Written by: Zsófia Terék)